Great Purse Tutorial

Hello fellow blog readers!! Today I have opted to share with you one of my favorite blogs ever! I join all of the give-a-ways she has, and enter just about every contest. She is hosting a 2 week party celebrations for MOMS!! Today she is hosting a fellow blogger and it is for a super cute, easy, peasy purse. Check it out here! Hope you enjoy just as much as I do.

A few updates: I worked on a few pages in my art journal but this train has slooooowed way down! I'm thinking it's this whole mercury retrograde...because it causes so many bumps in the road, and I think my creativity is one of them. I will continue to try and push through it....that's all I can pretty much do. Any one have any suggestions on how to get out of this creative ditch???

I'm thinking of making some cute totes but still working on design. I'd like to do some t shirts for girls also...not sure of design...there's so many.

I'm also going to start making onsies. Designs to come!!



The lovely scent of bleach (Blah)!

So I tried my hand at this technique I saw on Youtube. I loved it!! I recently started pen-pal-ing and I have found my new stationary!!! I can customize and do whatever I want to the paper!!! I think my favorite is the pink - because the bleach is so pronounced and heavy.

This is on plain cardstock. I used various stamps for this design and then took a paintbrush and flicked beach throughout the page.

Same process, no splatter. I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, but I like it.

I squeezed some bleach onto the paper and swirled it around. This was fun!

This is on dark purple cardstock. I really like how this one turned out. It's got the swirly's and the splatters.

This is a dark green sheet of cardstock. I took a stamp with spirals and used it on the entire sheet of paper. I then splattered it with the paintbrush. Not my favorite but fun!


I always try and try again.

Well I tried to get them to come out excellent (please note I am also a photographer so this is a disgrace ;)). I really do love making greeting cards. They are so much fun and you can personalize them!! Here are a few that I've done in the past.

This was a simple and easy card I made using cardstock, stickers and chipboard.

These were for my mom's friends at work. It was the Thank you cards for the gifts they sent to Lalibela - my daughter.

These are just for fun!

This was for inspiration and a reminder.

This was another Thank you card.


Greeting Cards!!!

Here are a few of the greeting cards I've done recently. I'm currently working on Mother's Day cards. I have been contemplating getting a p/t job at michaels to supply my habit but who knows. So many things opened up today. It seems that my path is taking me to study Ayurveda. I'm very excited and happy!! Ok enough, here's some cards and pls feel free to comment - they make me happy ;)

So I went to upload the pictures and they looked like *a 5 yr. old took them* and not a very coordinated one, so what does that say about me....hmmmm....don't be lazy. It gives me some much joy to create so the pictures should reflect the thought and love that went into my creation. I shall take them outdoors, tomorrow, until then well let's see...I shall divulge some information about myself....I am a Reiki practitioner. I am a level 3 and received it while pregnant. It was so amazing! My heart never opened like that before!! Anyway, if you have any questions about anything....hollllllaaaaaa aka....comment or email me.



Finally got an SD card for my camera!!

I have not posted anything new because something corrupted my memory card and i *LOST* all the pictures I had in there. I was quite depressed but I journal-ed my way through it! I finally caught up with the online scrapbooking class I'm taking. Although I'm not making actual scrapbook pages, I'm loving this entire collection of work!! Be mesmerized by talent *hocus pocus*

Below the prompt was for use of a page protector in any way we wanted. I used it to cover up the hidden picture.

The next prompt was for the use of stickers. I think I did ok. I like to pale page better than the butterfly one. Not sure if I'll keep both in the book or just one.

This prompt was for the use of flowers on our page. I actually had to go out and *buy* some y'all! That is not something I keep in my stash...go figure.

The latest prompt (for me) was the use of buttons. I love how this page came out. Here I celebrate my Mom. For she has guided me through many things and I understand her, now that I'm a mom.

Have tons more to post but this will do for today. Oh ya, I'm also *slightly obsessed* with Swap Bot - I have joined 5 swaps and have sent out 2 of my packages. Yay me! Go over and check 'em will love it!!!



Screen Printing at home

We recently acquired a YUDU machine and we have been making t-shirts like crazy!! It really is super fun and there are endless possibilities with this machine!! Here are a few examples of what we have done so far.

It's pretty cool! We've experimented with color and it looks fabulous! These will definitely be going up at my etsy shop tomorrow!