Finally got an SD card for my camera!!

I have not posted anything new because something corrupted my memory card and i *LOST* all the pictures I had in there. I was quite depressed but I journal-ed my way through it! I finally caught up with the online scrapbooking class I'm taking. Although I'm not making actual scrapbook pages, I'm loving this entire collection of work!! Be mesmerized by talent *hocus pocus*

Below the prompt was for use of a page protector in any way we wanted. I used it to cover up the hidden picture.

The next prompt was for the use of stickers. I think I did ok. I like to pale page better than the butterfly one. Not sure if I'll keep both in the book or just one.

This prompt was for the use of flowers on our page. I actually had to go out and *buy* some y'all! That is not something I keep in my stash...go figure.

The latest prompt (for me) was the use of buttons. I love how this page came out. Here I celebrate my Mom. For she has guided me through many things and I understand her, now that I'm a mom.

Have tons more to post but this will do for today. Oh ya, I'm also *slightly obsessed* with Swap Bot - I have joined 5 swaps and have sent out 2 of my packages. Yay me! Go over and check 'em will love it!!!



  1. Love the greeting cards that you super cute and creative! Thanks you so much for sharing!

    Stacy from Swap Bot


  2. Great job on the pages! Kimmiekarma from swap-bot now following you for the 'I want more Blogger Followers' Swap.

  3. I am glendas from swapbot and I am following your great blog, thank you love glenda


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