Great Purse Tutorial

Hello fellow blog readers!! Today I have opted to share with you one of my favorite blogs ever! I join all of the give-a-ways she has, and enter just about every contest. She is hosting a 2 week party celebrations for MOMS!! Today she is hosting a fellow blogger and it is for a super cute, easy, peasy purse. Check it out here! Hope you enjoy just as much as I do.

A few updates: I worked on a few pages in my art journal but this train has slooooowed way down! I'm thinking it's this whole mercury retrograde...because it causes so many bumps in the road, and I think my creativity is one of them. I will continue to try and push through it....that's all I can pretty much do. Any one have any suggestions on how to get out of this creative ditch???

I'm thinking of making some cute totes but still working on design. I'd like to do some t shirts for girls also...not sure of design...there's so many.

I'm also going to start making onsies. Designs to come!!


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