Got Glue?

I have spent quite a bit of time scouring the net for various art journal background inspirations. I have found some great stuff and have begun to make it my own. Today I was lucky to find a new technique!! If you have glue (elmer's) you can do this technique!! Over at Make the Best of Things Ann shows us an awesome, affordable technique that's normally quite expensive. She has a great tutorial on how to crackle! I am going to try this on one of my journals. I also think this would be a great idea for a photo frame - you know, the blank wooden ones you can get at Michael's Arts & Crafts for $1 dollar.

Hope you enjoy this new technique (new for me anyway - if you have any other awesome ideas - let me know).

Have a great wednesday!!


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  1. Elizabeth,
    Thanks so much for the shout out and kind words on your blog! I appreciate it. When I think of the money I've spent on "crackle medium" I could just kick myself, so this tutorial kind of evens things up for me! New follower, btw!


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