Mother's Day 2010

Hello fellow crafters/artist! It was a fun filled weekend and lots of crafting occurred! I have been working on my art journals...made one and had a few pages going...then it all fell apart and I had to start all over. I made my own journal and had a blast this last time. I also made a few Mother's Day cards. I started with a pink and that lead to brown. I started with some Royal Pink on some bubble wrap. Set that down and followed it with some circles in Gold. I then added some lines using a cardboard edge in Brown. After it all dried I added some pastels. I started with ivory in the middle and dark brown on the edges. Blended in to out. My favorite is the darkest brown, but I love the way the first one looks, like big giant ruled paper.

I then decided to just have some fun with these cards and using a credit card to get my techniques down. I can always go back and add more.

They are all blank on the inside. I didn't add any other element. I like how simple they came out but I think I'll stick to using paper instead of paint. I had a lot of difficulty keeping paint of the other pages. :/

Ok, that's it for now. Will try and do a journal tutorial this week. *Stay tuned for my art shenanigans*


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