So in my quest for originality I have begun to make my own envies...(nothing new, I know) and in doing so I needed some glue. Now I usually just tape it down and go with it, but I wanted to send some envies and not have to worry about how to seal them. I asked around on Swap-Bot (to which I'm *totally* addicted) and found a lovely website which gives directions for glue. I was going to do a Tut but my camera phone is not working and therefore, it's a verbal Tut with link.

I love making my own envelopes!! The paper choices...the magazine many options and so many design choices!! I hope to be able to share some of my envies sometime soon, but until then...happy crafting!!!


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  1. If you ever decide you don't want to make your own glue, there's an envelope glue you can buy at Paper-Source. I also like using double-sided scrapbooking tape when I'm feeling even lazier that day. :)


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