Start a Journal

I have always loved journals and keep one to this day.  They have evolved into art journals and they are fun to do!  I was researching art journals and came across this awesome article  which gives great reasons as to why one should start and keep a journal. 

I bring this to light because in the new year I will focus on journaling on a daily basis...and hopefully document it for the blog.  Perhaps after reading the article you'll be inspired and join me!



  1. That was a great and inspiring article, thank you for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for it. I was in the same situation as you. I'm writing a journal... not on a daily basis for my son. I hope he'll like it one day.
    MAd About Pink now following you from SB

  3. I agree with Felicity. Very inspiring. After reading the article, I've now decided to buy a journal today to write in from now on (or at least until I run out of pages in it.. haha)

    (also, thanks for introducing me to a great website. i'm not trying to be a manly man, but it's still an amusing read.)

    - [robotlove/gamibot]


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