I'm an avid doodler and often doodle mandalas. I jumped over to Sue O'Kieffe's Blog and found this give-a-way. Awesome book if you've ever been interested in learning how to begin a mandala. It ends July 11th so scoot on over there and enter to win! So much fun!

Tuts coming soon!



Confession: I am a magazine hoarder

And I have found a wonderful solution to this problem (because it is a problem) and save money at the same time!! I'm learning about all these new (to me) things and one of them is Zine's. I was browsing and came across this post about recycling magazines. Of course I had to read what it said!!! You must check it out!!

I don't have a sewing machine so I may try to use staples...I like that rough texture. Anywho, this post is short and sweet because I was so excited to find this technique!!! I'm also going to try and make my own envelope glue this weekend. I have been making envies like a madwoman and I need glue. Luckily a fellow swap-botter guided me to making my own! Yay!!! Tutorial coming soon!