Who would've thought I'd be a mom...not me, or anyone else I know.  Except my sister...she always knew.  Anyway, back in 2oo8, had to so and think about it for a's been a while.  I started spending time at Dancing Shiva, so much so I went on a retreat!  I cooked that weekend.  After lunch I picked up my camera and went for a hike in the woods.  About halfway in I found it.  The Phoenix.  at the time I had no idea what kind of bird it was, only that it was a bird.  With pretty wings.  I'm obsessed with trees and leaves and I could not imagine a more beautiful thing to look at in that moment.  Little did I know the uni-verse was telling me a message and I was so BLIND!  So unaware.  I was at the beginning of my true seeking.  I was starving for spirituality.  I sank my teeth into my yoga and did asana. 
I snapped my pic and went on my way .

A few months later I discovered it was a Phoenix.  I attributed the vision to my spiritual life, without realizing it was my ENTIRE LIFE that was about to change.  A year after I snapped that picture I was on my journey to motherhood.  Wow.  That's really why I stopped taking pictures!  Jajajaja.  Just kidding.  Oh, and that - jajaja - that spanish for hahaha.  ;)


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