1st Installment - traveling art journal

So I've been working hard to get this journal off the ground.  I think I've done a great job. 

The cover - I used old maps.  One from san francisco and the other from san luis obispo.  I then printed the text on card stock and glued it with acrylic matte gel.  It's the only thing I use to glue now.  I've tried others in the past but was not satisfied. 

Welcome page - I used water color pencils and crayons.  Created a border and used light colors to fill in the middle.  I then glued down my fairy, the feathers, clear dots, and her crown.  I spray painted it gold and let dry.  I used sharpies to color, outline and fill in.

Joy page - I used pigment/chalk pastels for the background.  Coated it with clear gesso to seal the page, otherwise it would get all over your hands and other elements.  I then added the paper elements.  Followed by the acrylic paint used on the borders and left center.  I stamped it up with pigment ink and used sharpies and sakura gel pens to fill in and write.  I tried a technique with the acrylic paint.  I dabbed it with a napkin to get a textured effect.  It sort of worked.  I didn't love it, so I stamped over it with white, then green dots.

I love how the colors came together.  Since my journal has no theme, I was pretty open to what developed on the page.  I'm happy, and look forward to sending it out tomorrow. 

Have a great father's day!


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