My Friday Night

Looks like this.  Just got some new goodies and I'm putting them to use.  Don't know what will come of it, but you'll see it when I'm done.




I made some yummy chili that I found at this website.

I made a few adjustments, I didn't have oregano, and I used fresh basil.  I also used cumin seeds instead of powder.  The secret ingredient...nutmeg.  I omitted the tomato paste, didn't have any. I used canned beans, kidney, black, and garbanzo. I had no cinnamon stick so I used ground cinnamon.  I guess I tweaked it quite a bit.

I want to marry this chili.  It is the best chili I have made so far!  It was so yum!  I highly encourage you to make this and play with the ingredients.  I added and removed ingredients and it was easy in the slow cooker.  This is the first time I've sauteed the veggies and spices before adding to the cooker.  Maybe that's what made the difference.  Have fun with it and enjoy-I sure did!!



1st Installment - traveling art journal

So I've been working hard to get this journal off the ground.  I think I've done a great job. 

The cover - I used old maps.  One from san francisco and the other from san luis obispo.  I then printed the text on card stock and glued it with acrylic matte gel.  It's the only thing I use to glue now.  I've tried others in the past but was not satisfied. 

Welcome page - I used water color pencils and crayons.  Created a border and used light colors to fill in the middle.  I then glued down my fairy, the feathers, clear dots, and her crown.  I spray painted it gold and let dry.  I used sharpies to color, outline and fill in.

Joy page - I used pigment/chalk pastels for the background.  Coated it with clear gesso to seal the page, otherwise it would get all over your hands and other elements.  I then added the paper elements.  Followed by the acrylic paint used on the borders and left center.  I stamped it up with pigment ink and used sharpies and sakura gel pens to fill in and write.  I tried a technique with the acrylic paint.  I dabbed it with a napkin to get a textured effect.  It sort of worked.  I didn't love it, so I stamped over it with white, then green dots.

I love how the colors came together.  Since my journal has no theme, I was pretty open to what developed on the page.  I'm happy, and look forward to sending it out tomorrow. 

Have a great father's day!


Traveling Art Journal Begins!!!

I have a deep affinity to this blog and have followed it religiously for a year and a half.  I have submitted about 3 prompts, maybe 4, but the writer inspires me and I like to think that one day I will keep up with the prompts.  There are 2 a month, which is totally doable.  I digress, Rachel, the author has since started a Facebook group, which led to a Traveling Art Journal group.  I joined.  I joined the group.  I made a commitment to come up with a new page every 2 weeks, or so.  O_o!!!

We each pick a theme, if we want one, and send it to our partner.  Our send to partner is the same every time.  I'm getting nervous just typing this.

I went out and bought my journal at Michael's with a coupon!  I only paid $5 dollars!  These have become my favorite journals.  I have about 4 of them so far.  Not all are full, but they are on there way.  The other ones I have are 11 x 14 so I'm working on a smaller scale to save on shipping costs.  I'm very excited to share this journey with you.  Seems I have so many things on my plate but I'd be bored with life if I didn't.  This is my outlet.  Oh, and we all picked a theme...mine is "If I had a super power it would be ..." I'll show you my super power tomorrow.  I'm going to start working on it tonight.  Wish me luck internet!  Oh, and if you have any favorite art journaling techniques, share.  I'm sure others would love to know as well.



How to Make Tofu in Mole Sauce

I have always loved Mole.  It's that spiced-chocolatey sauce from mexico. I decided to try the one that comes in a jar (next time I will make it from scratch). 
It was so easy!! I first fried the tofu and set it aside. Then I sauteed some red onions in some grapeseed oil. Once they were nice and soft I added the mole and 1 cup of water. I simmered the sauce for 5 minutes and added the tofu.  Cooked it for about 15 minutes and allowed the sauce to reduce. I made mexican rice on the side. 
Mexican rice - saute some onions on med low, once soft, add the rice (1 cup). Saute the rice (ready when it is translucent), and add 1 finely diced tomato, a can of tomato sauce, and 2 cups of water. Stir. Cover, simmer, and don't look at it for 20 minutes. 
Voila, dinner in 30 minutes.  It was delicious and the kids loved it!  This will definitely be one of my go to meals.


Friday afternoon

Wow, this week has flown by!  I'm in awe of the moments that pass through my life effortlessly.  I'm so happy to be able to fully partake in all of it!  I am trying to expand my photography, and also give back.  Give of my God given gift of healing back to anyone who is in need and comes across my path.  This is something I'm struggling to accept.  I don't think of myself as a healer, and yet, I have been given all the tools to do so by means of the universe.  In explaining what I do to a friend, I realized I have quite a few healing modalities under my belt.  I am.
Yoga Teacher
Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor
Reiki Healer - Level 3
Massage Therapist.

I believe the above would impress me enough to consult with this person, and yet, I can't seem to grow into that.  The block in my head is sort of depressing, and enlightening.  I'm grateful to be able to see what I have to work on, but saddened to know I'm so (*quivers*) talented and don't see this in me.  Well this is changing.  I'm in the process of joining my friend in a new healing endeavor.  Wish me luck internet...I'll keep you posted on the journey.



Risque mini books

Someone from Swap-Bot sent me these mini covers.  They are so great.  I think I'm going to make a grouping of then and put then on canvas.  Another project.  I also got the one with the cats.  That should go to a blogger named The Bloggess.  Don't ask me why, I just think she would appreciate this art.  I suggest you google swap bot and the bloggess, they both rock my socks. 




I really wanted to keep this about my crafts.
I really wanted to start a new blog about my life events.
I really don't know what I want.
I really know I want to expand the photographer in me.

Life is passing by.  I sit on the dock and observe.  Sometimes I react to the waves.  Sometimes I walk away.  Most of the times I sit on the dock and observe.  I count the waves lapping against each other.  I watch the sun rise and set.  Most of the time I sit on the deck and observe.  Lately I've turned my back and looked the other way.  Lately I've been counting down, instead of adding.  But mostly, I've sat on the dock and observed.  The question is...what am I observing?  What is IT?  Do you know?  Would you know if you saw IT?  Felt IT? Touched IT?  Smelled IT?  I wouldn't.  I've realized i don't know anything.  I'm full. Of other's opinions, thoughts, ideas, morals, values, essence.  I'm drowning, yet I sit on the dock and observe.  Do I fight, or do I drown?

I read an article the other day about lying on the floor in a heap.  It totally resonated with me.  I've been there...many, many times.  I'm there now - to a certain degree.  I'm sitting on the dock...observing.  When I read the article I realized that being broken is a beautiful thing and I can either embrace it and stay there, or put myself together and be whole.  No more being in the middle.  No more glue.  No more putty.  When I sit on the dock and observe, I am. Whole.  I don't count, or wait, or investigate, or wish...I am. Whole.  This is where I want to be.  Whole.  Be Whole.  Complete.  Accomplished. All. Concentrated. Every.  Exclusive.  Exhaustive.  Fixed.  Fulfilled!  Gross.  Integral.  Inclusive.  In. One. Piece.  These are all synonyms of the word whole.  I just googled it.  And I'm amazed.  I want to be every single one of these I sit on the dock and observe.  

I make my life so very complicated with what I think it needs to be and really, all I have to do is sit on the dock.  Chant mantras.  Observe.  This is my new goal.  Every day I will Chant my Mantra.  At least 108 times.  At least.  I Will!  The Lord's Will.  The Most High's Will.

So with this, I am going to write my blog every day, for therapeutic reasons, but also because I am talented and should share it with you.  I will expand and want you to come along, maybe I will serve you in some way.  My focus right now is expanding the photographer in me and this blog will be my outlet.


Greek Festival

The church had a festival today.  This picture is inside the church.


A new feature

This is beautiful.  I love this camera!  Although I'm a film snob, I love the advantage of using the digital and the different camera graphics.