Chakra Healing - working out the darkness

Spring has arrived in Los Angeles and brought along my inner fire.  I feel the Shakti brewing, filling, evoking my soul to pour out my cup and share. 

Beginning in March I will be focusing on the Chakras and the many healing techniques for each one.  I will be incorporating my art journal into this healing and we will be working with prompts specific to each. 

I say we because I'd like to invite you on this journey.  Feel free to join me along for this ride, I have no idea what will become of it but I know there will be healing!  Full details coming on March 1st (because I haven't formulated my plan to the fullest quite yet).

Remember, you can always get away by simply taking a deep breath, exhaling and say:
I am expanding.  Right now.  I am safe.



  1. mmmmmm I love breathing in good stuff and breathing out peace, expansion, safety...


    1. Yes, the breath is key. Thank you for visiting!

  2. Art is such a healing tool! I love reading your posts, they bring peace creativity together! Itzel


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