The Challenge

Sitting here in the silence, I cant help but be grateful for all that I have, and the beautiful people I am surrounded by in this lifetime.  I've been inspired for some time now to do retreats, and workshops.  How I got here took a decade.

I once worked for a woman who was doing a research project on HIV/AIDS and Sex Education for young adults and young parents.  This class was offered free of charge and usually to lower income high schools.  I was the babysitter.  I watched the babies and toddlers of parents attending class.  Often times the location changed and the last location was at a women's abuse shelter.  I was inspired to volunteer, to help women, to help them find their voice.  I signed up, was ready...then fell in love.  At that time I wanted to focus on building the relationship, so I stepped back from volunteering, thinking it would be emotionally trying to do both.  Of course the relationship failed, but the desire to help women heal themselves has stuck with me.  It has come back so strongly that I now have a goal in mind.  I know what I need to do and quickly.  My actions must be quick but the journey will last a lifetime.  I know all the people necessary at this moment to do this. 

I am beyond excited and will keep you posted about the development.  I hope each one of you will join me. 

Love and laughter.


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