Faith in the New Year

So I'm trying my hand at doing this challenge again.  Warmed up last year but wasn't consistent.  This year I'm practicing consistency no matter what.  I've been working on stuff but no desire to post.  May have to do with the fact that I have to do it from my mobile.  Oh well, work with you have.  Anyway my word this year is Faith....which came from another challenge I'm doing dvds also chronicling.

Faith.  My believe in myself above all else.  A deep sense of knowing.  I read a quote yesterday that is fitting.  Everything works out in the end, and if it isn't worked out, it isn't the end.  Beautiful.  This is my truth.  This year I WILL be utter, uncompromising, unbreaking in faith to myself.  I allow myself to expand and create from the soul level for the Highest Good.  This also includes faithfully loving, even while weathering the storms.  No longer getting in the dungee and rowing away.  I'm staying on the ship, my ship. 


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