Here is the next prompt for my One Year Art Journal challenge.  We were instructed to use the word "Imagine"  in regards to the the new year.  We were instructed to use stencils, which I happen to NOT I made some.  I used my cricut and cut out some shapes to use for this prompt.  Don't know why I never thought of that before.  I then Gesso'd the front and back. 
Once I had that done I added the things I imagine in this year.  I want more yoga!!!  And not the asanas.  I want real union, truth union.  I found a great Yantra for the goddess of wisdom, Bagalamukhe .  Invoked for her protection against slander and libel.  Her protection offers external manifestations of sacred activities to create positive change.  This action allows reduction of ego self sabotage thinking and quiet redundant mind chatter.  Which I desperately need.  I also want to develop my Shakti.  To love it.  To embrace it.  To expand in it. To be conscious.  In every moment.
I then added acrylic paint followed by more Gesso.  I spray painted the crown, the words, and the border.  Lastly I added the letter stickers and rub ons  at the end.  Had to add spirals...I'm addicted.  Cho Ku Rei


  1. What you created is very beautiful. I'd like to learn more about Hindu, can you teach me or tell me more?

    1. Yes! Although I'm constantly learning more, I can share what I know. I'll shoot you an email.


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