My Seed Vessel

Of course, being the new year and all, I'm overly ambitious and joined 2 journal prompts this year.  This is for my Seed Journal which I have joined over at Milliande's.  I drew this with a mechanical pencil, then traced over it with a Foray ink pen. 
It represents my heart, obviously, and the seed of faith it holds.  It's my vessel.  Strong, grounded, rooted deep into the earth.  Reaching for OM.  Om, sweet OM!
Except I couldn't finish it, or rather, it's finished at this point.  It's moved me so much, it's complete. 
On this Valentines day I am working on the relationship I have with myself.  After all, it is the longest relationship I've had, and will have.  Who better than myself to fulfill my own needs.  Who better than myself to love me how I want to be loved.  That vibration will feed me when nothing else can.
Love yourself, Love the world.

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