Chakra Journal Healing Series - Muladhara/Root

Hello March!

The dawning of new beginnings, novelty, and light.  I decided to do this beginning today and I want to give you a few details before we get started, because I would love for you to join me on this journey.  I think this will become a meditation/art journal for me.  Every prompt I do will be for one Chakra, therefore the page will be monochromatic, to a certain extent.  I want to give as little direction as possible and color is very important to each chakra.  At the end we will have 7 pages, and these pages can be used as a method of meditation.  It is up to you how to house them.  I oftentimes frame my pages, which allows me to display them and change them whenever I feel necessary.  You can even put them in a binder, or even better, use a playing card!  That way you can carry them around and use them as necessary during the day.  I digress, do what you like, in any size, and in any medium.  It is up to you, and for you, so make it special.
Here are the tools I am using to balance my Muladhara.
Color:  Red.  I've been trying to meditate on the color red while focusing on the root area.  So far I've only done it in my mind, however, I may make some small pages to carry around and begin meditating visually as mentioned above.
Mantra/Meditation:  Lam.  I have been chanting this Bija Mantra. Here's a video for proper pronunciation.
Music: I'm listening to Steven Halperin's "Chakra Suite".  I basically listen to the whole CD, and the root chakra on repeat for a while.
Asanas: I'm doing butterfly pose, squat leading into chair, and perlvic rotations.  Please note I have a regular yoga and meditation practice and I've incorporated these things into it, and have substituted others.  Feel free to use any of these things with which you are familiar and comfortable.  Perhaps even become curious, be like a child and feel.
Art Prompt:  Use one of the 3 affirmations below to feature on your "page", and use the color RED.
     - I trust in the power of life.
     - I feel at home in my body.
     - I am sustained and nourished by nature.
Choose whichever speaks to you.

Here is my Root Chakra Art Journal page.

I began with spray inks.

I then added some collage.

Topped it with gesso to add more layers.

I then added some pastels, and water color crayons.

Added a light lay er of gesso, then i used stencils and gesso'd them in.  

Then I added glitter glue, watercolor crayons, and more pastels.

Finished it with white out pen, more glitter, and some ink stamps.

Close up.

Here's a close up of the stamped image.

I used the prompt which has spoken to me lately.  I have to have trust and faith.  I really like how this page came out, even though it has about 10 layers because I made a few boo-boos, which can totally be covered up with gesso...that's why I keep lots of it.  I used flowers and leaves to remind me that all comes from nature and that the trees are not bothered by us, so why should I bother?  Life is too short and very sweet to suffer willingly.  The circle represents life, however, I see it more as a spiral.  So I added them as well.  

Thank you for reading to the end.  This is a rather long post and I appreciate you sticking it out.  I hope you try your hand at art journaling.  I'm here to help, guide, aid, assist, and listen.  Please reach out if you have anymore questions.



  1. It's very creative! I'm sure this is very relaxing. How do you select the colors?

    1. Thx! Each of the 7 energy centers relates to a specific color. As we progress through the Chakras, those colors will be shared, along with location and everything relatable to that center. Basically, it's the colors of the rainbow.

  2. i'm really interested in this idea of using journaling as a form of meditation. thank you - i'm going to try this.

  3. So glad you were inspired! I actually am expanding this project and currently making smashbooks for each color. That way I can define and reflect more thoroughly in an interactive manner. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


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