Is your Muladhara/Root Chakra balanced?

I know mine is not.  If any of these resonate with you it may indicate attention to the first chakra is needed.

  • If you feel you've lost trust in life
  • If you're easily overwhelmed by life
  • If you are constantly looking for security in life
  • If you suffer from sciatica or throw your back out
  • If you have a tendency toward back pain
  • If you have problems with your colon and elimination
  • If you don't feel present in your body
  • If you feel afraid of life
  • If you feel isolated, abandoned
  • If you have difficulty manifesting what is needed in life
  • If you feel you are lost
  • If bad habits and addictions are ruling your life 
A person with a balanced Muladhara has a powerful will to live, is grounded in life, inner strength, passion and a sense of trust and security in life and themselves.  Tend to be steady on their feet and not easily thrown by circumstances surrounded them.  

I can tell by the way I am struggling to create my pieces of art that I still need work.  I can journal all my emotions, however, translating that onto my art journal page has become somewhat of a challenge. Which is the reason I am trying to art journal one page a week.  I want to see and share my progression with you.  This last weekend I was inspired to create my Root Chakra page on a 11 x 14 canvas that I picked up at Big Lots.  I was unable to start it until Saturday afternoon.  Then it progressed.  I'm still working on it but here is the start.  

I used acrylic paints for the background.  Red, White, and Black.  I was inspired by the idea of dualism and looking beyond it, which inspired the black and white background.  I believe in order to balance this chakra I must go beyond this state of thinking.

I then used a CD to create a circle.  I added paint to it, put it on the canvas and rotated it to create a circle.  I then spray painted, in silver, 7 little circles, added a flower with a heart shaped brad.  The buttons were added last.  So far, I'm loving it.

Used some rubber bands and mini clothes pins and laid them down as stencils a la Traci Bautista and spray inked them in red and added the word RED.  I then took some bleach and a stamp.  I dipped my stamp in a bleach soaked face towel and stamped the canvas wherever I felt it was needed.  It looks more prominent on the light side.  I like how it looks textured and not recognizable.  

Close up of the bleach stamping.

Wishing you lots of healing and exploring!



  1. It's amazing how artwork can be so healing! TY fpr sharing.


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