All Blockages Suck

I'm having trouble.  It's been very challenging to get out of this creative rut and it's no coincidence it's occurring while working on my Sacral.  Hell, I haven't even been working on it at all.  I'm stagnant.  Like river water that just sits and sits.  This (emotionally) challenging pregnancy has drained whatever creativity I might of had.  So much so that I even pulled out of the Traveling Art Journal series in which I was partaking.  So, I'm stuck.  You think being 9 months pregnant has anything to do with it?  Haha, perhaps.  It's a culmination of things, and perhaps that is why it's occurring now. 
I still have yet to add anything to my journal.  Good news is that at least I have the canvas to create the Sacral Chakra one.  Baby steps. 

If you are following along, my deepest apologies.  Please email me if ready for the next Chakra and I will gladly advise details.  I am unable to move on until I clear this up, in fact, i'm going to get a Reiki attunement to move this energy out. 

In hopes of sharing with you again, and soon.

Love and light.


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