Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All Blockages Suck

I'm having trouble.  It's been very challenging to get out of this creative rut and it's no coincidence it's occurring while working on my Sacral.  Hell, I haven't even been working on it at all.  I'm stagnant.  Like river water that just sits and sits.  This (emotionally) challenging pregnancy has drained whatever creativity I might of had.  So much so that I even pulled out of the Traveling Art Journal series in which I was partaking.  So, I'm stuck.  You think being 9 months pregnant has anything to do with it?  Haha, perhaps.  It's a culmination of things, and perhaps that is why it's occurring now. 
I still have yet to add anything to my journal.  Good news is that at least I have the canvas to create the Sacral Chakra one.  Baby steps. 

If you are following along, my deepest apologies.  Please email me if ready for the next Chakra and I will gladly advise details.  I am unable to move on until I clear this up, in fact, i'm going to get a Reiki attunement to move this energy out. 

In hopes of sharing with you again, and soon.

Love and light.


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