Chakra Healing Series - Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra

Hello April!!!
This month we are focusing on healing and balancing the Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra.  The Sanskrit work, Svadhisthana, means sweetness.  It governs one's sexuality, sensuality, fertility, and creativity, and joy in living.  The empowered, balanced chakra leads to increased self-esteem and a positive self awareness.  Balanced, we learn to enjoy life, and develop a healthy relations the sensual and sexual sides of our nature.  Imbalanced we see some characteristics such as, sexual ambivalence, diminished sexual desire, addiction, feelings of guilt, aggression, jealousy, and persistent anxiety.

Here are the tools I am using to balance my Sacral Chakra.

Color:  Orange.  I love the color orange!  and brown!  I don't have any solid orange in my clothing so I bought a scarf that is a bright orange and wear it around my neck or wrist.  I also bought some orange socks...not sure why but I'm sure I'll figure it out in time.
Location: A little above the sacrum and the sexual organs, a fingers width below the navel.
Basic Symbol:  Crescent Moon (most active during the waxing phase of the moon).
Element: Water
Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Pepper, Vanilla, and bitter Orange
Gemstones: Coral, Fire Opal, Gold Topaz
Mantra/Meditation:  Bija Mantra is VAM.  Here is a great video to listen to for balancing.  
Music: I'm still listening to Steven Halperin's "Chakra Suite".  I listen to the 2nd chakra track on repeat for a while.  
Asanas: I'm doing butterfly pose, lotus pose, hip rotations, and hero pose.  Found this great website for more poses (i'm too pregnant to do some of them, but most are a part of my regular routine).

Art Prompt:  This will be a pretty open interpretation, the only thing we should follow is use of the color Orange (and shades of), and incorporate at least the symbol, element, gemstone, or mantra.

Now go out there and have a blast balancing yourselves into happiness!!!!

We will be making one art journal page, and following it up with a Canvas.


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