C.J.H.S - Completed Sacral Chakra Page

I was the mud, and like a Lotus, I rose.
The other day I woke up with the deepest desire to get on my yoga mat.  I normally just do a couple of asanas to stretch out my body from all the stiffness of these last few weeks of pregnancy.   The other day I intentionally knew what I needed to do.  I began in child's pose, cat/cow, then moved into pigeon, and finalized with warrior 2.  It seemed to clear out a path in the mud and I was able to move on with my journal page. I was so happy that the intention and vision was there.  It arrived, moved in and lived out on the page.
The sacral chakra focuses on relationships and creativity.  Both of which have been stagnant in the last few weeks, heck, month.  I have had zero desire to create or relate.  However, my vision for this was to use my stamp which showed two hands holding each other by the forearm.  Secure, strong, extended, and confident.  I also wanted to have some words that symbolized what the Sacral means to me in my world, and how I perceive it to be.  The first layer can be found here.  The second layer is here.  This is the completed page.  I am very happy with it and look forward to creating and completing the canvas.  Apologies for the shoddy pictures, I have a camera on my phone that is a misery, AKA, only 3 MP.

I added some words and used regular old Liquitex medium gel to glue them down.  I then added some sticker letters to write out "go with FLOW", and a brad right underneath the hands holding.  I want to emphasize the circular as much as possible, even though I know it's a spiral world.  Down in the corner I added a small sticker that says "Thank you".

"Love isn't Love until you give it away" and close up of go with flow.

"Artful Me", "Art Goddess", "Fairy of Love"

"Make all things with Love", "Gypsy Heart", "Let your heart soar" 

I outlined "go with FLOW" 

I then used Martha Stewart 1.3 mm markers to add "Flow with Life".

 Used same markers and added "Flow with Love"

I outlined the words, "go with FLOW", and added some gem like orange stickers.  

I'm very happy how this appeared.  Now I'm moving onto the canvas.  I'm looking forward to having all canvases complete and hanging on my bedroom walls!  I hope your journey is coming along at your speed.  Thank you for reading this blog, post, and my inner thoughts.


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