Last Installment of the Traveling Art Journal

It saddens my heart that this journey has ended, however, I had so much fun during the process.  I originally started this journal journey about a year ago.
I made the decision to pull my journal out of the group because I am expecting a newborn any day now, literally.  I did not want to delay anyone because I know my time would be consumed in loving and nurturing Elia upon her arrival.

I am featuring the artist who had the chance to add their creations to my journal.  Without further ado...

This was done by Darlene T.  My camera is not great.  It doesn't show the stamped edge that says "the sky's the limit".  I love the color.  Makes me feel calm and serene.  I definitely will use this page as for meditation when I'm feeling blue.  Follow her on Pinterest.

This creation was made by Amy L. S.  I love the color and vibrancy of this page.  The stamps, ooooh, the stamps are fantastic.  The spirals are right up my alley.  I love spirals!!  Great quote by G.B.Shaw.

This creation belongs to Sandy P.  I absolutely love this page!  It is so fun and reminds me of my childhood.  We went to every circus that came into town.  Makes me long for the simpler days.  I totally agree that life is a circus and sometimes I play the clown ;P  Check out her latest works here!

Such a great piece made by Laura H!  This picture does not do it justice.  So much texture and prints.  Love this and has inspired me to play outside of the box.  And yes, I want to be more like my 2.5 year old.  So much fun on this page!  Check out her blog!

I love how Sarah C. made two different pages.  I love the mushroom page because it reminds me that all is mystical and possible.  I love the wine glass because it looks so real.  It's like a paradox of mystical and one reality.  It reminds me that such is life...always needing to find the balance.  Check her out here!

This tree was brought to life by Karen I.  It makes me feel so energetically massive and expansive.  I love how the tree flows off the page as if it is uncontainable, like myself.  I even see bright light coming from the root.  So much color and shapes.  The words...the words are so inspiring.  I love trees.  For more of her creations check out her blog!

This vibrant page was created by Maria L. and I love the yellow and red combo!!  I love the quote, which I used previously in one of my art journals.  This is also a great page to use for meditation.  The texture on this page is beautiful!  Yes, I will to live life to the fullest!!!  See more of her creations here!

This whimsical page is a creation of Denise H.  I love this fashion focused page...I used to adore shoes, until my injury.  But nothing like a cute pair of shoes to make me a happy girl.  The little fortune says, "If it is meant to be, who are you to change that?  It's time to believe it." and that's exactly where I am right now.  It's time to believe.

I want to say thank you to all the ladies that had a chance to bring their heart to life in this journal.  I wish I had more time but perhaps with the next round, if there is one.  I am so grateful to these ladies for sharing a part of themselves in my journal.




  1. Have a wonderful time with your little daughter. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to work on your journal. The pages in yours are wonderful. Maybe next time. Marissa

    1. Yes, hopefully! I'm joining the next round and plan on staying till the end. Look forward to sharing!


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