Nine Piece Canvas

A long, long time ago I bought these at Michael's  because I wanted to use them for my Light Message art that is emerging from my soul.  Well I finally got around to actually doing something with them.  Buckle up, it's a long ride (wink, wink).

I began by ink spraying a circle stencil with Tsukineko Walnut Inks and then used a clear gesso on top.  The more I brushed, the more the stencil smeared so I varied it.  Unfortunately, I was not happy but continued and added more spray and bubble wrap with acrylic paint, which I didn't like either, but I still proceeded, because I'm not a quitter.

I then stenciled some images using Gesso.  You lay the stencil down and use Gesso to fill in the space.  See the was too muddy, too dark.  I was not happy.

I then painted the stencils and used gesso to try and make the background disappear.  It didn't work.  I hated it.  Every time I walked by it I wanted to cover it completely with gesso, which I eventually did.

I gesso'd the entire thing, and it looked so fantastic with the texture beneath it.  Of course I didn't take pictures because inspiration hit and I just went with it.  After the layer of gesso dried, I used pink and purple acrylics and painted the background.  I love this color combination.  I then used my circle stencils and used the Walnut Inks again.  Then I used white spray paint and used the circle stencil again.  Each time I added a layer I switched the position of each canvas.  It was a little dull after the white so I decided glitter was in order.  I taped down some masking tape in various diagonal directions and then grabbed my silver spray paint and went at it.  I LOVE how it came out!!  The silver looks like I laid down foil on the canvas!

Of course this is just the background of the pieces.  I now will add the messages and embellish my creation.  I look forward to continuing this piece.  Stay tuned.  I plan to offer these for sale once they are complete.



  1. Inspiration- what a weird and wonderful thing.
    Can't wait to see what quote you decide to us.


    1. Thank you, yes it is! I finally finished it! I shall blog about it tonight!


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