Completed 9 Pc. Canvas

This set came out so wonderful!  I truly love how it came out, although it didn't start out that way. I randomly picked out quotes that called to me.  The only one that was intentional was the quote by Freddie Mercury - no explanation needed, I hope.

After I spray painted it with the silver I added stamped images to a few of the pieces.  My focus was hearts.  I used different shapes of hearts. I then added pink and purple buttons to make the background color pop a little.

I love this quote.  I feel courage is underrated and not practiced enough.  This is my reminder.

So true.  My number one teacher was my mom.  So grateful for her.

This is a corner shot.  I just wanted to show the corner. 

Overall I love how it came out.  Oh, I forgot, I did ink the edges of every single canvas with black ink.  I wanted to distinction to be noticeable.  I also stuck them together with hot glue but not sure if it will hold.  I will have to hang them up with nails for almost every canvas, or else the weight will drag it down.

I'm so excited to announce I was chosen to do a post featuring one of Crafty Chica's new products.  She is going on a road trip and she's coming to Downey!! She'll be visiting all throughout California.  Check here and see if she'll be in your neighborhood.  I can't wait to share with you.

Until then, Namste.

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