Crafty Chica Market Tote - making it my own

Crafty Chica Market Tote by
I was recently chosen to become part of Crafy Chica's Design Team to work and create something with her new line at Michaels Stores! I received my Eco Tote bag and began to plot how to best decorate this tote.  Since I make a lot of my own tote designs I wanted to really make this a part of my wardrobe and tote collection.

I opted to go with Kathy's wonderful Juicy Fabric Inks, Golden black gesso, and Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint in glitter and solid white to make my tote come together.  All of which are available at Michaels Stores.

I then took the black gesso and painted the bottom of the tote bag.  I wanted to give it a canvas look.  As you can see I made rough lines at the bottom which I later went and fixed, as you will see.  I then began coloring the image.  These markers are so fantastic!  They are bright, they fill in perfectly and they don't tear the fabric/paper when repeatedly coloring over them, which I tend to do.  I was going to try and use water with the markers as I had seen done, but I decided not to.  I drew the mandala petals around the peace sign and then later developed them.  In the bottom right corner you can see Kathy (Crafty Chica) autographed my tote.  I worked around this space.  

I love how vibrant the colors are and how they easily color whatever medium which you are working.  I used them on paper, cardstock, canvas.  I tested them on everything I had.  Except vellum, so I'll try that next.  They also are great to complement each other.  When I color I love to use a darker color on the outside and a light color to fill in.  This concept worked well with these markers and tote.  For the Red petals I mixed the Red, Orange, and Yellow together.  For the Purple, I added blue in the center then colored in with purple.  I like how the colors look blended, reminds me of pastels.

I then added more details to the mandala using the black marker from the Juicy Fabric Inks.  It worked so well and didn't run into the tote or the other colors.  Very awesome indeed.  I've ruined many pieces because of runny ink.

Here's a close up of the coloring I did.  I really tried to make it seem 3D.  I wish I could really show you the colors and how bright they are!  I even smudged and blended the colors a little in the center with the yellow and green.  I love how that came out.  Looks vintage-y.

I then added in the Scribbles.  I started with the Violet Flash in the heart and the petals.  Then I followed up with the Crystal, the Silver, the Golden Platinum and lastly, with white.

 I took some Art Minds Fabric Spray Paint and sprayed the back with Purple.  I am in love with this color right now.  

I then took some ribbon and buttons and sewed them onto the handle.  

On the other handle I added ribbon and charms.  I had way too much fun making this tote bag.

Close up of design and coloring.

This was so much fun!  I want to thank Crafty Chica (Kathy Cano-Murillo) for this wonderful opportunity.  I can't wait to show off my tote!!  Click here to see if a Michaels store in your area is carrying the Crafty Chica Line.

*I received this complimentary product from as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, was asked to share an original DIY project.*


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    That is super fantastic!! I love all that you did to it to make it your own.

    1. Thank you Dawn! I am now following your awesome blog! Love today's findings!!

  2. Great job!!! Here is my version of the tote :)

    1. Yes! I saw! And I commented. Loved what you did to it. Looks completely different and stylish!!


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