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Having a baby is quite a journey.  It’s all roses after delivery, while at the hospital and being catered to, but once you go home with baby, everything changes.  There is no manual, or instructions on how and what to do.  It can be overwhelming and trying at times.  Many of you might know that in May I delivered a healthy 8 pound baby girl into the world.  Having a child changes your life and everyone’s life around you as well.  To say that it’s chaotic is an understatement.  Huggies Latino is hosting a Facebook Chat with Poncho de Anda, TV Personality and father of two.  He’s sharing his Dad Tips and answering any questions you may have.  I decided to sit down with Elia’s dad and ask him questions about fatherhood. 

Me:  As a new father, what is something you wish you had been told prior to the birth of your baby?
Him:  Um, that it never ends (to which I answered, “that’s a given”. I thought everyone knew this?!).

Me: What is the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make?
Him:  The time reduction (with Me) has been hard.  It’s taken a lot of getting used to. Getting a hobby has helped me deal with this aspect of fatherhood.

Me:  What is the biggest tip you have for new dads?
Him:  Enjoy the newborn stage while it lasts.  Learn from your kids.  Don’t try to teach them too much, let them explore the world they live in on their own.

Me:  Did your dad give you any fatherly advice?
Him: Don’t make the same mistakes he did. (snicker)

Me:  What is your “diaper changing” strategy?
Him:  Let mom do it.  (HMMM…I didn’t know this part so I’m glad I asked this question).

Me: How do you cope with the stress of parenthood?
Him: Church and prayer.  I find those 2 things help me balance as a father and allow me to help my child grow.

Those are his Dad Tips.  Not too shabby, I’d say.  Huggies would love to hear from you! Come join Poncho de Anda for a Facebook Chat and have the opportunity to ask how he tackles parenting challenges.  Look for the picture of Poncho on the FB page to participate in the chat, which is in Spanish. 

When:  Thursday, September 20th
             12 - 1PM EST

Check out Poncho and his wonderful family in this webisode.

I’m glad I did this, I learned something new!  I hope you found a handy tip or two you can use along this new journey. Best wishes for you and your expanding family. 

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  1. jehe It really wasn't too shabby. He did you proud mujer.


    1. yup! I also learned to not change as many diapers now. Especially when he starts doing it :D


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