Kindergarden Art Techniques

This is a technique I picked up from an arts & crafts book in the children's library.  I'm sure you're familiar with this one.  I used oil pastel crayons to draw an image, then took black gesso to cover the entire thing.  After, I used a knife palette to create the lines . The first piece was a test. I loved the design but hated the scraping.

I just picked up my crayon and started drawing.  First thing I drew was the eye, followed by the petals.  I filled in all the petals with yellow and painted the background pink and purple. The top was purple and the bottom was pink.

I used Liquitex Black Gesso to cover the entire picture.  I then began to carve out lines with the palette knife.

I didn't like the lines I made with the knife so I took a lid and just began scraping off the gesso.  

Later that evening I decided to try again, this time taking my time.  I make another flower, mandala, and got to it. This is the final product.  I was very happy with the final piece and realized if I ever did this again I'd need to use bright colors in the background.  Maybe oranges and yellow hues, as those are the ones that seen to pop behind the black gesso the most.  

As always I learned that patience is key when doing my art.  I tried to rush through the first one because I wanted to see the final product (like I always do in real life), and when I finally stopped and focused I produced a thing of beauty (to me).

Love and light.


  1. That is awesome! I have been wanting to try something like that with these mini journals/smash books that I have been making:
    Where do you find gesso at?
    Thanks for sharing, these look am-a-zing!

    1. I found my gesso at Michaels Stores. Or your local arts & crafts store. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    This looks great do you know the name of the technique?

    1. It's referred to as Crayon Etching, or Crayon Scratching. Mainly found among the kids arts & crafts blogs.


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