Day 10 - Allow and Expand

Day Ten: let's get right to it shall we?

I began by drawing my letters with a 4H lead pencil.  I outlined it with Sharpie Markers and did the shadow with Prisma Art Stix and Verithin Color Pencils.

I then used my Staedtler Watercolor Crayons to fill in the background.  I tried to use opposing colors to accentuate everything.  I think the yellow could've gone around the "&" and into the top of "Expand".  I then took a paintbrush and water and got to work. 

After it dried overnight I spray painted some stencils onto the page with white spray paint.  I then added some silver spray paint over it.  I over sprayed in some areas but I continued.  I then added some white gesso to bubble wrap and laid it down on two different corners.  I added pigment stamp ink over the gesso to give it some contrast to the background and add texture.  

Decided I wanted some butterflies to show the transformation, the flight, the victory of this mantra.  And numbers...this page asked for numbers.  I used Fiskars Black ink.  The last stamp I added was the nautilus shell.  I love this shell.  It signifies life and the cycle.  I tried to put it as close to the middle of the page as possible.

I am enjoying watching the expansion of my art.  It is inspiring me to create more, and things are happening for me.  Nothing major but little steps.  I'm saying yes to the universe and whatever may be in store for me.

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