El Rio - The River

El Rio (The River) is the latest novel by By Michael Neale.  It is about life, and embracing every moment.  Check out the clip, I was inspired and look forward to reading the novel. Here's a little blurb:

"Gabriel Clarke felt mysteriously drawn to the river, a line of white water and foam, making their way through rugged canyons in the heights of the Colorado Rockies.  That passion for the river, from the depths of his being, was undeniable.  Its mighty waters called him to feel the freedom and the adventure.
But something held him - the memory of a shocking event he witnessed in the river when he was just five years - something no child should see.
The chains of fear and resentment kept him away from the treasures you might discover in the river.  He could not leave his past behind, still trapped, afraid of life than expected.
In this captivating story, Gabriel learns to she the past means surrender to the River - soul, heart, body and mind."

"The River will inspire readers to live the life for which they are created" John C. Maxwell, founder of EQUIP and The John Maxwell Company.

I hope you're inspired to check it out as am I.


*I did not get paid for this, however, I am due the book, so there's that.  All opinions are my own.  I'm actually looking forward to reading this book.  Sounds inspiring.*

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