I'm trying to learn Calligraphy.

This 30 day art challenge has me pulling out all sorts of techniques and curiosities that need further exploring.  One of them is Calligraphy. 
I've had the Sharpie Calligraphic Pen set since forever but never really used it until now.  I must say I really love how they write and they make writing fancy vey easy. No, this is not a paid post, or paid review, this is merely my honest opinion.

This page was done with watercolors as the background, then I added white gesso on bubble wrap. I then spray painted a design in silver. It didn't show very well.  I then used my calligraphy Sharpie to write in my day.

This is a background I started in my Goddess Journal.  I gesso'd the pages and used stamp ink to fill in the color.  Looks pretty awesome, I'd say  ;p

I should never take pictures in the dark but sometimes I can't wait.  I thank you for your understanding.



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