Struggling with Blogging

From Louise Hay's Facebook page

I took on the task of creating art everyday for the month of October and I didn't complete the task, or rather I didn't blog about my art as I'd hoped.  Somewhere along the line I lost steam and had nothing else that could pour forth.  I'm trying to take on challenges to continue with my art.  The next thing I'm doing is NANOJOUMO.  I'll work in my journal page everyday. We'll see how far I get with that challenge.  Honestly, I just felt like I ran out of ideas.  Bananas right?!

Anyway, I look forward to inspiration again and will be on my way after this small hiccup.  I do have so many things to post, like I finished my Heart Chakra canvas!!!!!  So maybe that will be the next post.  The heart Chakra!

Oh, also, I'm starting my soup series for the winter!!  I will be playing around with various soups and recipes for the winter.  It's my favorite meal for winter!!


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