Swap Meet and Mama D's T-shirt

This is the entrance to the local swap meet - a great place to find affordable and necessary everyday items.  They also have a section full of used items, sort of like a garage sale.  This swap meet has both new and old items alike and I always find really cool stuff when I go.  Today was no exception.

As soon as I walked in I saw this to my left.  Tables full of $5.00 dollar shoes!!  I looked around and found a pair.  They are little flats with lace cutouts and black toe.  Very, very cute.  Wish I had taken a picture.  Perhaps later on, when I can go into the room, right now Elia is asleep in there and I don't want to disturb here.  Anyway, these are the deals you find here.  Awesome, right?!

You really can find just about anything here.  So grateful for them, when I lived in Seattle there were no swap meets, at all. We suffered and had to shop at the malls. I guess as a teenager this wasn't so bad. Cue loud shrill laughter.

Finally, we come to my art of the day.  A few weeks ago I made a Craft Chica Market Tote and I used her markers to make my mom her shirt she picked up that day I bought my supplies.  I've had it for over 3 weeks and finally got around to starting the front.  

I drew this by hand and used Crafty Chica markers and Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint to fill in and accent.  Now I plan to add my daughter's hand and footprints in the back and voila, one custom t-shirt for grandma (who goes by Mama Duke and would kill me if she knew I called her otherwise).

Until later my friends, hope you're crafting and doing art to your heart's desire!


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