Working with Nibs - day 5

I've been curious about letter writing, styling and calligraphy.  I was waiting for a coupon from Michael's Store and today was my day!  I picked up those Speedball Sketching nibs for 50% off!!

I also picked up some India ink.  As soon as I arrived home I got to work.  I love them! I love writing with nibs and fountain pens and will never go back.  For now at least I won't.

I also worked on other stuff but it's not complete.  Check out my flickr for current work.  Thanks for stopping by, and if you're familiar with pens and working with ink, hip me to some techniques, I love to discover new stuff! I'd appreciate it.



  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I love calligraphy so much. I taught myself when I was in high school because my brother was taking a class in school and I loved what he was doing. It wasn't until much later I thought about using the nibs for doodling.
    Enjoy your new toys!

    1. I'm slowly falling in love with it! So elegant and free.


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