Holiday Decorations

This weekend was filled with preparation.  For the impeding holiday.  Incredible, we're in December and the New Year is a few short days away.  I, for one, am excited for the new year, although the world is supposed to end as well, so we'll see. 
The girls and I decided to make our own decorations this year. We made these mini houses.  I cut up some cardstock, icons of the Mother and Child and we went to town.  I even stamped some of the white cardstock.  We had a blast and it was super easy.

I also made my Christmas cards.  I dusted off my cricut and made snowflakes with white cardstock.  I used a variety of shapes , and then I stamped them.  I used a big flowery shape stamp and covered all the white.  I then mounted them to white blank greeting cards and inked the edge in red, green, or black, depending on the snowflake color.  They came out pretty awesome, I think.  I love crafts.  Do you?  Make any traditional things?

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