I am a mustard seed.

I got done with my seed page.  It's a pretty intense page for me.  The prompt was what type of seed am I.  Immediately the mustard seed came to my mind.  To have faith, believe that anything is possible. 
I started collaging with paper and music sheets.  Then added Gesso and 3 words: auspicious, luminous, immutable. 
I then added acrylic paint, and used sharpies, gellies, and colored pens to finish it.  May add some gold spray paint, not sure.  What do you think?


...and it's been a while...

But I'm back for the new year!  I'm working on a few things, but mainly healing through art.  Using my background and  various healing modalities.  I don't know what I will find, or if I'll have a structure.  But it's better to be back on the horse than watching on the sidelines.