Define the face

I've been working on defining my faces.  I'm not very good but I'm practicing, and having fun is all that matters right?

This art journal page is a WIP, this being the first layer.  I began the page using my Tsukineko spray inks and a letter stencil.  I used the color walnut and randomly sprayed. 

I then drew my Goddess.  I started with a pencil and filled in with oil color pencils.  I used some generic brand because they are oil based, and they mix easily.  Colors used include Flesh Pink, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Violet, Turquoise, and Black.  I finished it with clear gesso to add the next layer.

I like using clear gesso on each layer to separate them.  It maintains the layer without making it look smudged and allows for addition of any medium, including graphite. 

Just a little something.  I'm practicing, and want to share.  I could notice all the flaws, I'm choosing to focus on the fact that I did it, I tried.  I hope you will try something too.



Chakra Healing - working out the darkness

Spring has arrived in Los Angeles and brought along my inner fire.  I feel the Shakti brewing, filling, evoking my soul to pour out my cup and share. 

Beginning in March I will be focusing on the Chakras and the many healing techniques for each one.  I will be incorporating my art journal into this healing and we will be working with prompts specific to each. 

I say we because I'd like to invite you on this journey.  Feel free to join me along for this ride, I have no idea what will become of it but I know there will be healing!  Full details coming on March 1st (because I haven't formulated my plan to the fullest quite yet).

Remember, you can always get away by simply taking a deep breath, exhaling and say:
I am expanding.  Right now.  I am safe.



Traveling Art Journals 2012

After a long hiatus I received 3 more of the Traveling Art Journals.  I thought it was going to take me forever to finish them, but I cranked these babies out in 1 week.  I think I work better with prompts.

This prompt was about our studio time.  To be free and what goes on behind the doors of our studio.  To me that means free time.  Time to do what I want and play and splash and have fun.  Every time something new happens.  I used wall paper for the background, glued it down matte gel medium, then colored with pastels - brown, light brown, orange brown and beige.  Set it with white gesso.  Used some stencils I made with my cricut and tried my new spray inks. Then added some black ink for texture, some doodles and writing in white corrector pen.  I added some brads in the center of the flowers and finished off the edges with black ink.  Love how it came out.

This prompt was for song lyrics or music themes.  I love "She Talks To Angels", by The Black Crowes.  I have always liked that song, associated myself with the character.  I used black pastel for the background and set it with clear gesso.  I have black gesso but I couldn't find it (don't ask).  I then glued on some wall paper - the cave, white border, and the checkered background lines.   Added the lyrics, and some white corrector pen lines falling along the sides and above the title.  I used a silver sharpie and white marker sharpie to doodle some dots and spirals.  Used white color pencil to outline the words on the second page and to fill in the cross I drew.

This prompt was for numbers!!  I have been obsessed with the fibonacci sequence since I discovered this.  I am obsessed with I wasn't already obsessed with spirals, but this is mathematical!  Have I ever shared that I see patterns and numbers when I see things?  For example, in traffic, I can see the pattern and's the weirdest thing, but then again so am I so...
I digress.  I love the sequence and so that is what I did.  I started off by using ink to  stamp for the background.  I had a ink stamp built like a teardrop that I used like a stamp then smeared the color all around the area.  At that point I was stuck, went to Michael's and found a Nautilus Shell stamp!!  If you watched the video you know this was an awesome find!  I used a black sharpie to write out as much of the sequence as I could and filled in the name in the Middle.  I love the simplicity of this and the colorfulness of it.  So different from the other two that I did.

I think I'm going to start trying to use lighter colors and maybe water colors.  I need to pull out my watercolor crayons and pencils.  I have a few other projects I'm working on but I'm excited about the tote I to come.  Thanks for hanging with me.




Here is the next prompt for my One Year Art Journal challenge.  We were instructed to use the word "Imagine"  in regards to the the new year.  We were instructed to use stencils, which I happen to NOT I made some.  I used my cricut and cut out some shapes to use for this prompt.  Don't know why I never thought of that before.  I then Gesso'd the front and back. 
Once I had that done I added the things I imagine in this year.  I want more yoga!!!  And not the asanas.  I want real union, truth union.  I found a great Yantra for the goddess of wisdom, Bagalamukhe .  Invoked for her protection against slander and libel.  Her protection offers external manifestations of sacred activities to create positive change.  This action allows reduction of ego self sabotage thinking and quiet redundant mind chatter.  Which I desperately need.  I also want to develop my Shakti.  To love it.  To embrace it.  To expand in it. To be conscious.  In every moment.
I then added acrylic paint followed by more Gesso.  I spray painted the crown, the words, and the border.  Lastly I added the letter stickers and rub ons  at the end.  Had to add spirals...I'm addicted.  Cho Ku Rei


The Challenge

Sitting here in the silence, I cant help but be grateful for all that I have, and the beautiful people I am surrounded by in this lifetime.  I've been inspired for some time now to do retreats, and workshops.  How I got here took a decade.

I once worked for a woman who was doing a research project on HIV/AIDS and Sex Education for young adults and young parents.  This class was offered free of charge and usually to lower income high schools.  I was the babysitter.  I watched the babies and toddlers of parents attending class.  Often times the location changed and the last location was at a women's abuse shelter.  I was inspired to volunteer, to help women, to help them find their voice.  I signed up, was ready...then fell in love.  At that time I wanted to focus on building the relationship, so I stepped back from volunteering, thinking it would be emotionally trying to do both.  Of course the relationship failed, but the desire to help women heal themselves has stuck with me.  It has come back so strongly that I now have a goal in mind.  I know what I need to do and quickly.  My actions must be quick but the journey will last a lifetime.  I know all the people necessary at this moment to do this. 

I am beyond excited and will keep you posted about the development.  I hope each one of you will join me. 

Love and laughter.



My Seed Vessel

Of course, being the new year and all, I'm overly ambitious and joined 2 journal prompts this year.  This is for my Seed Journal which I have joined over at Milliande's.  I drew this with a mechanical pencil, then traced over it with a Foray ink pen. 
It represents my heart, obviously, and the seed of faith it holds.  It's my vessel.  Strong, grounded, rooted deep into the earth.  Reaching for OM.  Om, sweet OM!
Except I couldn't finish it, or rather, it's finished at this point.  It's moved me so much, it's complete. 
On this Valentines day I am working on the relationship I have with myself.  After all, it is the longest relationship I've had, and will have.  Who better than myself to fulfill my own needs.  Who better than myself to love me how I want to be loved.  That vibration will feed me when nothing else can.
Love yourself, Love the world.


Nopales...Cactus. It's what's for lunch.

I grew up on cactus.  My mom has been cooking these forever.  She de-thorns then herself and then cooks them.  They have a slightly mushy texture, with a crunch.  Easy to prepare, merely add cactus to a wok with oil.  Cover and let them steam on low heat.  After they are 75% done add sliced onions and jalapenos.  Cook until soft.  Salt to taste.. Serve with tortillas and fresh cheese.  Yum!



Muladhara Chakra

The Muladhara or Root Chakra is the first Chakra and the foundation of all others.  Located in the area of the coccyx between the anus and the perineum.  It provides energy to the pelvic regions, and governs the skeleton.  It is deep rooted and tied to the Earth.  The Root Chakra is the source of our Life Energy, the Kundalini, Shakti.  It also governs the feelings of trust, security, and the strength for living.  Emotional Signs of unbalanced chakra (for me) are feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, depression, numbness, distrust.  Physical - lower back pain, sciatica, constipation
Addiction is tied to this chakra as well, I'm addicted to oranges (baby cravings).

Oh Boy did my Muladhara get rocked in the New Year, on that day!  Seems that my Master Reiki Attunement in November shifted a huge amount of stagnant energy generated in my toddler days.  I have carried it with me for years, and years.  It hurt terribly when it transformed, still hurts.  My ego is terribly bruised but my heart is open, strong, willed.  The act itself was one of betrayal, which has set in motion lack of trust, uncertainty, and confusion.  In the past I have tended to run away from all this and not had to deal, as far as relationships go, my Muladhara has never been strong enough for them.  My parents separated when I was 4 years old, and I rarely saw my dad after that.  My chakra was still being established at this time and the energy got stuck.  This experience shaped my life.  Until now. 

On New Years after the "incident", I did a healing yoga practice and lots of mediation.  Lots.  The tears came, they fell, became puddles and I cleansed myself in them, of them.  I realized I could do what I always did and run, or I could stay and deal with these uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, feelings.  I could stay and expand in love, and maybe in time forgive.  Allow myself this opportunity to be all that I talk about and believe.  To fill those bigger shoes.  It's SCARY!!  Unknown territory to be open and exposed and trusting again.  So, to say that my Muladhara was blocked was an understatement.

I have made the decision to root myself down and hold on.  It will get bumpy, but the expansion which will occur, is worth it.  I am worth it.  Make a mistake, fix it, learn, expand.  Better, not bitter.  Yes it hurts, but just like giving birth, it is worth the pain, the discomfort, for a few moments, because that love lasts lifetimes.

I should also add I'm 6 months pregnant, which has also shaken things up a bit down there.  I have the normal "fear" of birth, and yet I don't anymore.  I feel confident, like I have a super uterus and vagina.  That everything is going to flow smoothly.  Everything is going to go as it should, and will be fine. I have been focusing my energy in the Root chakra through various healing methods.  Here are a few tools to use in healing the Muladhara.  Explore others as I did not list them all, simply the ones I'm using right here, right now.

Essential oils:  Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver.  Woodsy scents.  Earthly scents.
Gemstones: Garnet, Onyx, Hematite
Mantra: LAM
Affirmations: "I am grounded and balanced."
"I am safe and secure"
"I feel at home in my body"
"I trust in the power of life"  <----big one for me.
"I am sustained and nourished by nature"
Yoga Pose: Pelvic Rotations, Butterfly

I'll keep you posted.  So far my healing has gotten underway, I'm grounded and full of faith. 

I also send healing bright light to all my chakras daily, and focus on them each for 1 minute. 

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Om Shanti


Faith in the New Year

So I'm trying my hand at doing this challenge again.  Warmed up last year but wasn't consistent.  This year I'm practicing consistency no matter what.  I've been working on stuff but no desire to post.  May have to do with the fact that I have to do it from my mobile.  Oh well, work with you have.  Anyway my word this year is Faith....which came from another challenge I'm doing dvds also chronicling.

Faith.  My believe in myself above all else.  A deep sense of knowing.  I read a quote yesterday that is fitting.  Everything works out in the end, and if it isn't worked out, it isn't the end.  Beautiful.  This is my truth.  This year I WILL be utter, uncompromising, unbreaking in faith to myself.  I allow myself to expand and create from the soul level for the Highest Good.  This also includes faithfully loving, even while weathering the storms.  No longer getting in the dungee and rowing away.  I'm staying on the ship, my ship.