CHJS - Anahata/Heart Chakra

This is my most favorite chakra right now.  I am in love.  Literally.  All forms of it...mushy, sappy, romantic, parental, lover, friendship, platonic, crush....all of it! The Heart Chakra forms the center of our humanity and feeling for others.  In Sanskrit, Anahata means, "whole" or "unbroken".  The love of the spiritual heart is a kind of awareness in which the language is "we" not "me".  This chakra is commonly associated with birds of all kinds, and doves in particular, which is considered the symbol of peace in Eastern and Western cultures.  The Heart Chakra is most active during the phases of the new moon and the full moon.

Tools to balance the Anahata:

Color: Emerald Green - try and wear more green, dark green.  It will draw out this chakra.
Mantra: Yam - you can repeat this throughout the day.
Yoga asanas - Spinal Twist, Cobra, and Head of Cow
Element: Air - I would suggest doing alternate nostril breathing to balance equally.
Symbol: Hexagon
Planet: Jupiter
Sensory Function: Touch
Associated Body Parts: heart, lungs, diaphragm, chest, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, and hands.
Basic Issue: love, compassion, kindness, relationships, self-acceptance, forgiveness, hope, sympathy, and empathy.
Gemstones/Crystals: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby
Essential Oils: Marjoram, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine
Food: Green vegetables (dark green leafy veggies)
Art Prompt:  Use the one of the following affirmations to guide your piece of art:

  I am able to give and receive love
I am trusting, open, and grateful
I am open to receiving happiness in my life
I am the light within my soul

 When I first started my canvas inspiration hit and I went with it.  I really have no pictures of the process and for that I apologize.  I will try to be as detailed as possible.

In the beginning I just saw a mandala.  I've been on a mandala kick and just drawing pretty much the same one in various shapes.  I used my watercolor crayons and drew the mandala.  I filled it in with the crayons and watercolor pencils as well. I then added water and blended the colors. I used my fabric spray ink in green to add some spritzes to the outer edges of the mandala. 

 I then went in and added some rub on stickers and various stamp designs.  I used words and flowers to create a border around the entire piece.  The last thing I added was the word "LOVE" done in graffiti lettering.

 I hope you are inspired to expand in your Anahata Chakra!


Struggling with Blogging

From Louise Hay's Facebook page

I took on the task of creating art everyday for the month of October and I didn't complete the task, or rather I didn't blog about my art as I'd hoped.  Somewhere along the line I lost steam and had nothing else that could pour forth.  I'm trying to take on challenges to continue with my art.  The next thing I'm doing is NANOJOUMO.  I'll work in my journal page everyday. We'll see how far I get with that challenge.  Honestly, I just felt like I ran out of ideas.  Bananas right?!

Anyway, I look forward to inspiration again and will be on my way after this small hiccup.  I do have so many things to post, like I finished my Heart Chakra canvas!!!!!  So maybe that will be the next post.  The heart Chakra!

Oh, also, I'm starting my soup series for the winter!!  I will be playing around with various soups and recipes for the winter.  It's my favorite meal for winter!!



Swap Meet and Mama D's T-shirt

This is the entrance to the local swap meet - a great place to find affordable and necessary everyday items.  They also have a section full of used items, sort of like a garage sale.  This swap meet has both new and old items alike and I always find really cool stuff when I go.  Today was no exception.

As soon as I walked in I saw this to my left.  Tables full of $5.00 dollar shoes!!  I looked around and found a pair.  They are little flats with lace cutouts and black toe.  Very, very cute.  Wish I had taken a picture.  Perhaps later on, when I can go into the room, right now Elia is asleep in there and I don't want to disturb here.  Anyway, these are the deals you find here.  Awesome, right?!

You really can find just about anything here.  So grateful for them, when I lived in Seattle there were no swap meets, at all. We suffered and had to shop at the malls. I guess as a teenager this wasn't so bad. Cue loud shrill laughter.

Finally, we come to my art of the day.  A few weeks ago I made a Craft Chica Market Tote and I used her markers to make my mom her shirt she picked up that day I bought my supplies.  I've had it for over 3 weeks and finally got around to starting the front.  

I drew this by hand and used Crafty Chica markers and Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint to fill in and accent.  Now I plan to add my daughter's hand and footprints in the back and voila, one custom t-shirt for grandma (who goes by Mama Duke and would kill me if she knew I called her otherwise).

Until later my friends, hope you're crafting and doing art to your heart's desire!



A different kind of art

I have been a lover of photography ever since I was a teenager.  I took it in high school and even developed my own film! I fell in love.  So today I'm bringing you a different type of art. I'm bringing you the art that my eyes sees.  The images that are captured while my interest is piqued are always sacred to me because it's a moment caught.  It's proof.  It happened.  I present a series of shot of my favorite season, and time.


We were headed to my dad's house and we were bombarded with rain, which lead to hail! It was pretty fantastic.  Headed home we were looking at blue skies, but being rained on.  It was awesome!!  Check out more of my pics here!



Dia de los Muertos ATC's - Day ? of 30

It all started like this:

The intention was to collage.  I used some black gesso to primer the cardboard and tore up some colorful pieces of cardstock.

Added the pieces of cardstock with Liquitex gel medium in random order.  I did the left one first and didn't like it too much.  I added the white cardstock and felt much better about the entire piece.

I then took some white gesso and applied it with my fingers.  Then I added some acrylic paints.  More gesso and then more paints.  I finally liked how it looked and glued the individual pieces.

I guess in the end I didn't really like the collage of colors in the background and decided a more solid monochromatic color would be more suitable.  I knew my pieces were going to be colorful and didn't want it to compete.

This is what I've done so far.  I think I see glitter and sparkles.  Perhaps some words...we'll see.  I'm going to get to work on them tonight.  They are for a swap I'm in over at Swap-Bot. I used my generic wax color pencils and Prismacolor Verithin.  But the generic ones looked so bright and vibrant I didn't need to use anything else.

I have no idea what day of art this is, I've been working on multiple things and trying to blog about it all. There are a few things I will cover this month about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Until then, blessings.


Day 12 and 13; Background and Finish.

I started out with adding white gesso to prime the pages.  I then added some stamp ink to the pages.  I used magenta, purple, and turq.

I then stamped some numbers with black ink and added some white spray paint to a circles stencil. I let this dry overnight because the ink was still wet.

Then I grabbed my stickers and went berserk with them.  My work was REFULGENT, which means shining brightly, as all Goddess' should.  I decided to add glitter to emphasize the "shine"aspect. 

Thanks for stopping by!!! Namaste


I'm trying to learn Calligraphy.

This 30 day art challenge has me pulling out all sorts of techniques and curiosities that need further exploring.  One of them is Calligraphy. 
I've had the Sharpie Calligraphic Pen set since forever but never really used it until now.  I must say I really love how they write and they make writing fancy vey easy. No, this is not a paid post, or paid review, this is merely my honest opinion.

This page was done with watercolors as the background, then I added white gesso on bubble wrap. I then spray painted a design in silver. It didn't show very well.  I then used my calligraphy Sharpie to write in my day.

This is a background I started in my Goddess Journal.  I gesso'd the pages and used stamp ink to fill in the color.  Looks pretty awesome, I'd say  ;p

I should never take pictures in the dark but sometimes I can't wait.  I thank you for your understanding.




Day 10 - Allow and Expand

Day Ten: let's get right to it shall we?

I began by drawing my letters with a 4H lead pencil.  I outlined it with Sharpie Markers and did the shadow with Prisma Art Stix and Verithin Color Pencils.

I then used my Staedtler Watercolor Crayons to fill in the background.  I tried to use opposing colors to accentuate everything.  I think the yellow could've gone around the "&" and into the top of "Expand".  I then took a paintbrush and water and got to work. 

After it dried overnight I spray painted some stencils onto the page with white spray paint.  I then added some silver spray paint over it.  I over sprayed in some areas but I continued.  I then added some white gesso to bubble wrap and laid it down on two different corners.  I added pigment stamp ink over the gesso to give it some contrast to the background and add texture.  

Decided I wanted some butterflies to show the transformation, the flight, the victory of this mantra.  And numbers...this page asked for numbers.  I used Fiskars Black ink.  The last stamp I added was the nautilus shell.  I love this shell.  It signifies life and the cycle.  I tried to put it as close to the middle of the page as possible.

I am enjoying watching the expansion of my art.  It is inspiring me to create more, and things are happening for me.  Nothing major but little steps.  I'm saying yes to the universe and whatever may be in store for me.


Allow and Expand - day 9

Today I worked on drawing with letters.  I've wanted to start trying out different lettering styles, I'm using one of my favorite mantras: Allow and Expand.  I'm trying to manifest this in my life.

I used the following: Sharpies Markers, Prisma Watercolor Pencils, Art Stix and Verithin Color Pencils and  Staedtler Watercolor Crayons.

I shall finish tomorrow.

Blessings friends.


Cricut Critters - A to Z

Lali, my toddler, is now appreciating letters and numbers. She sees them everywhere and loves to call them out, however, she hasn't learned them.  She refuses to learn via books and songs, so I started this project and had her help me.

I pulled out my Cricut, the Create-A-Critter cartridge and got to work on creating a critter per letter.  Each critter has 3 different layers of paper so they are sturdy.  I then added the appropriate letter sticker to the critter and voila, a critter letter set.  I plan on laminating them so they last and I can use them with Elia in the future. 

It took me ALL day to do this, they look fantastic and totally worth it.  Only letters that aren't represented (by cartridge) are N, Q, V, X, so I made my own.
N - numbers
Q - queen
V - violin
X - xylophone



Working with Nibs - day 5

I've been curious about letter writing, styling and calligraphy.  I was waiting for a coupon from Michael's Store and today was my day!  I picked up those Speedball Sketching nibs for 50% off!!

I also picked up some India ink.  As soon as I arrived home I got to work.  I love them! I love writing with nibs and fountain pens and will never go back.  For now at least I won't.

I also worked on other stuff but it's not complete.  Check out my flickr for current work.  Thanks for stopping by, and if you're familiar with pens and working with ink, hip me to some techniques, I love to discover new stuff! I'd appreciate it.


El Rio - The River

El Rio (The River) is the latest novel by By Michael Neale.  It is about life, and embracing every moment.  Check out the clip, I was inspired and look forward to reading the novel. Here's a little blurb:

"Gabriel Clarke felt mysteriously drawn to the river, a line of white water and foam, making their way through rugged canyons in the heights of the Colorado Rockies.  That passion for the river, from the depths of his being, was undeniable.  Its mighty waters called him to feel the freedom and the adventure.
But something held him - the memory of a shocking event he witnessed in the river when he was just five years - something no child should see.
The chains of fear and resentment kept him away from the treasures you might discover in the river.  He could not leave his past behind, still trapped, afraid of life than expected.
In this captivating story, Gabriel learns to she the past means surrender to the River - soul, heart, body and mind."

"The River will inspire readers to live the life for which they are created" John C. Maxwell, founder of EQUIP and The John Maxwell Company.

I hope you're inspired to check it out as am I.


*I did not get paid for this, however, I am due the book, so there's that.  All opinions are my own.  I'm actually looking forward to reading this book.  Sounds inspiring.*


Day 4 - Goddess Journal

A while back I bought an engagement calendar from the year 2000 that featured the Return Of Goddess.  I picked it up with the intention of using it to craft, but then decided to turn it into an art journal.  A Goddess art journal.  Dedicated to the Goddess within me.  Another item I'm using is a vocabulary card set that I picked up at a second hand store which includes words and the definitions. I will pick a card and journal that card.  Today's word was antithetical, and Webster's says, "the rhetorical contrast of ideas by means of parallel arrangements of words, clauses or sentences".  I find this fascinating since this is a Goddess journal and all of that energy is above the dualistic thinking, more along the lines of paradoxical.  So here is the first page in my new Goddess journal, and also day 4 of 31.

I started the background with Prisma Art Stix and colored the background in half.  Then drew some circles.  I then found some words from magazines and glued them down with Elmers glue.  I  added some butterflies to signify the transformation and finally, I used a stencil and filled it with Liquitex white gesso.  

 Added some ink around the edges and the gesso'd circles.

Finished in with some words, white color pencil, and some black ink.  

Have a wonderful evening!!

Day 3 - My day

Yesterday I didn't get to my art until about 11pm.  Needless to say the baby woke up and I had to run off and I fell asleep, day was done.  This is today's page.  Sometimes I just throw stuff on a page.  To process and digest. Plus the night before I went to sleep at 3am and woke up at 8am with the kids.  I was exhausted to say the least.  This page showed me my thoughts are scattered and spontaneous upon receiving the task, and I just do, start doing.  Perhaps this is good with some things, but not my art journals. I feel like they should speak to me. They do speak to me.  Always.  For this, I'm grateful.  I wish you a pleasant day my friends, I will have today's page this evening.  Until then, blessings.


Day 2 - Dark Goddess ATC

I recently joined the Dark Goddess ATC swap over on Swap-Bot and that is what I created today.  I like my ATC's to be simple and clean.  I started out by painting the background a mix of pink, purple, and white.  I then took photocopy of KaliMa and adhered it to the ATC.  I used my heat gun to puff up the paint and give it some texture.

I then added some white with a stencil. It's actually just a piece of window screen and I used a sponge brush to dab on the paint.  I then used the heat gun to puff it up again.  Afterwards I added some brads (one on her hand and one on his crown), a button, purple ink on the edges and on the white paint.  I finished it off by edging it slightly with black ink.

I hope my swap partner likes my creation.  I'm currently very attracted to Mother Kali and her story with Shiva. Many people would be afraid to worship a Goddess who is holding a decapitated head, but when you study all the symbolism and meanings you can't help but fall in love with her and her divine spirit. Jai jai Kali Ma!!



30 Days of Art in October

Day 1 of 30 days of Art

So I have decided to join the 30 Days of Art with Traci Bunkers in October.  Basically I am committing to do art every single day in October.  I will be posting every piece to my flickr account and will blog about a few pieces.  I will try and post here but I have other stuff I need to share with you as well so I'm playing it by ear.  I commit to creating art every single day in October.  Here are my rules:
  • I'll make art every day for the month of October and post to my flickr.
  • I will dedicate at least 30 minutes to creating or finishing something.
  • I will not feel obligated to finish anything. I will only do what I am allowed.
  • I will share the mediums and tools I've used.
  • I will try a new technique once a week.

I am very excited to be on this journey.  I have never committed to doing art, although I try and do something everyday, this is my goal.  I hope you will be inspired to either make something or finish what you may already have started. Here is a list of all the participants. Check out all the artists joining Traci and myself.

Blessings my friends.

This piece I drew the face first then added antique paper to the black areas and then used blue ink on top of it. (First Picture)
I then thought it too dark and spray painted the word LOVE into her neck area. (Second Picture)
I went over board with the stamps and completely killed it.  So I took black and white gesso and made her into a Dualistic Love Goddess.  I will probably go in after it all dries and write on her hair.  We'll see.