A Smashbook and a Yogini Meet

Yesterday I received a fantastic package from Kelli over at Petrified Lime. We originally became friends via a Round Robin we did with a few other girls on twitter. It was really fantastic and inspiring to see Kelli's work.  I really like how she sees art, and creates. She's working on a very cool Music Monday, which I think I may join...I love music.

Anyhow, I received a very cool Smashbook!!  I have never purchased one, and have been curious about them. I tweeted this to Kelli and she then sent me one that she handcrafted!!! It is so cool, and clean! It's got a clean template so I pretty much can do whatever I feel with it. I have the perfect project in mind. Once it's half complete I'll share some of it.  In the meantime I will leave you with a small snapshot of the pages inside.

I love the pockets!! I can't wait to start working on it today! Check out a few of my favorite post by Kelli here, here, and here.



  1. I have some of the real smash books but haven't made a dent in mine. Looking forward to seeing how yours fills up!

    1. I'm a little worried I won't do it justice, but that's art, right?


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