C.H.J.S. - Your Truth

The throat chakra in Sanksrit is called the Vishuddha chakra, which means pure.  Consciousness and truth govern are governed by this chakra.  Its role is to purify our awareness and provide inner clarity.  This chakra is also associated with sound and creative self-expression, communication and speech. The ability to speak honestly, to receive, process and digest information. When we begin to speak our truth, it is from this chakra which we speak. Holding onto unexpressed anger, we may feel a sense of not being heard, or inability to make ourselves heard. I have always been one to speak my truth. My problem has been holding my tongue, because I am quite frank. I see no need to muddy relations with thoughtless communication. It does nothing for both parties except disappoint and make one run around in circles. Yes, the truth hurts, but lies hurt more and the pain usually lasts a lot longer than finding out the truth and being able to deal.

Signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra:
You have a hard time expressing yourself
Unable to find the right words to convey you thoughts and feelings
Saying things you later regret
Suffer from any kind of speech defect
Don't feel inspired by your work
If you have a hard time telling the truth, or often finding yourself telling white lies
You suffer from overactive or under-active thyroid
Often suffer from sore throats

Here are some ways to balance the throat chakra:
Color: Turquoise
Element: Ether
Location: Throat, Neck
Mantra: Ham
Yoga Asanas: Neck rolls and shoulder shrugs; Half shoulderstand, Plow, Fish
Symbol: Circle
Planet: Saturn
Sensory Function: Hearing
Associated body parts: throat, neck, ears, jaw, mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, thyroid gland
Gemstones/Crystals: Aquamarine, Blue Opal
Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Chamomile,  Peppermint
Food: Fruit
Art Prompt: use one of the following affirmations to guide your piece.

I am able to hear the voice of my soul.
I am able and willing to speak my truth.
I am able to celebrate the beauty in my life.
I use the power of words to make the world a better place.

The last of these canvas' appeared all at once. There was no time to document anything. The spirit guided and I danced with it. The above picture is the final piece.

I began by laying down acrylic in a light blue color, then added a layer of medium blue. I took stencils to it and laid them down with white spray paint.  I then added my lettering. "Truth - Speak it".  I added the letters because we must discover our truths from A to Z and we use these letters to create words, sentences, actions, our life.  I finished by adding the transformation butterflies, rhinestones for some shine, and a border of glittery flowers going down the left side. I am very happy how it came out. It represents my Throat chakra perfectly. Lots of layers, mixed with letters and transforming energy.

I hope you have a moment to expand truth in your life. Whatever that may mean to you. Truth often leads to freedom, and the chance to expand up and out. Facing our truth is one of the hardest things we may do in this life, but once we conquer that, we can overcome anything, because we will be seated in our truth. Our vision. Our dream.

Namaste dear friends.


  1. Very beautiful written. Thank you for this.. I love your art Sister! Love and Bless, Tuesday

    1. Thank you love!!! Blessed and honored to know you!


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