Consider This.

To consider others is hard work, right?  If you're a mom, this is the adjective that best describes how we spend our day.  Considering the feelings and needs of others, our children, our spouse.  Is this something we do out of obligation?

While growing up the theme in my home was consideration.  We had to be considerate of those we lived with and shared space.  If we woke up before everyone else, we were to be quiet and consider those still sleeping.  If we wanted to watch tv, we'd have to ask what everyone wanted to watch.  If we brought a snack home, we had to bring enough for the whole house, not just for ourself.  I was supported and encouraged to think of others while exploring this life.  My mother taught us to be humble, kind, and considerate.  To have manners, and speak to people with respect, with honor, and with intention.  She always said everyone was navigating the best to their ability and we needed to consider this when out in the world.  

As I navigate this world, now as a mother, I see how much lack of consideration we have as a society.  When did we become so inconsiderate of others, of our world??  Are we so lacking in self respect that we no longer realize we need each other in order to survive this journey?  Do you realize that I need you?  How? I need you to be here, read this, share with me, teach me, show me, and in turn, I offer you the same.  I have experienced things that could alleviate your heartache, and vice versa.  All our journeys are different, however the pain, sorrow, suffering, and anger we feel is all the same.  It's the same emotion, the same hurt, the same feeling.  We choose to focus on the difference because we want to be unique, all while already being unique.  We must begin to heal ourselves by loving our true Self. Without judgement.  Let us stop comparing ourselves to others, to society, and begin to reflect on our inner self.  On self healing all of the experiences and traumas we experience on this journey.  If we begin to consider our self, and heal with awareness, we can begin to consider others.  Then maybe, just maybe, the world will begin to reflect this.  

Consider your feelings, your needs.  Ponder them, digest them, process them, embrace them, and then release them.  Begin to breathe again.  Stop holding your breath.  Most of our traumas are from not processing our feelings, getting stuck in a certain state of mind/feeling and continuing in the loop.  Like a broken record, we play the same tune over and over, and many times we don't realize this is occurring.  Many times we continue on our journey and wonder how or why things are occurring all while forgetting we have the choice in this life.  If there is one thing that is for sure, it's that you will always have a choice. Always.  Take deep breaths and embrace the unknown.  Your breath is your super power in this world, don't take it for granted.  Delve into it all while considering yourself.  

I was riding my bike this afternoon and there were no cars on the street.  I decided to stay on my side instead of taking up the entire street while no one was around...and I thought, hmm, I wonder how many people would consider staying in the bike lane, while having an open highway.  Is it a brainwashing, or is this my true nature? I don't know, but I like it.  I like thinking of others, I enjoy aiding in other's happiness.  Why shouldn't you be happy, 'tis the reason for this enjoy.  Being born is the blessing, everything else is cake and ice cream.  Trust in life, it only want's the best for you. Thank you for being here, now, with me. I appreciate you.



  1. enjoyed this very much. thank you for sharing.

  2. Incredible escrito and sadly yes, we've become a "me" world. Hopefully more people agree with your sentiment and together we can remind people that "civility" has the same root as civilization. BB2U

    1. I pray we can, and we will. Thank you BB!


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