Yoga Flow with Tuesday May

During the Winter it is very important to remove any all excess Air quality from our life since we need to balance our insides with what Mother Nature is doing on the outside. This sequence is GREAT for this purpose. It is also great for us women, because our emotions are held in the hip area, doing this sequence allows the energy to flow and the emotions to flow and be released as necessary, so if you shed a tear in the process, it signifies profound healing. This is also a great series for the balancing of our Chakras.
This sequence includes Pigeon pose.  It's benefits include lateral rotator and quad stretch, balances Kapha, and in moderation, balances Vata. Good for any and all emotional releases you may need. Feel like this series. Have stuck this sequence, I have. I've released and cried many times. Many.

The instructor is someone very dear to my heart.  I am so grateful to have met her and to know her. She is Tuesday May Thomas. Find her on her BlogPinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and listen to her awesome Deep Healing Reiki Mediation on Soundcloud. Find some fantastic articles she has written here!

Tuesday was an integral part of my healing. She allowed me to empower myself. To embrace my Self and accept that I can and will heal myself. When I first began my Reiki initiations, I had no idea what was in store...all I knew was I was curious about Reiki. Wanted to know what it was, how it worked, and I was fascinated by Tuesday. Her energy, her being, her Self...she is such a joy, such a beautiful soul. I have had a very mystical and mysterious time under her guidance and all I can say is I have abundance. In love. I know she helped me heal my Self enough to allow all the blessings to come forth. For this, I am forever grateful. I know she can help you heal your Self...just be curious enough.

Namaste dear ones.



The definition google gives for love is:  a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, or feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

While both are great definitions, they are not my definitions. There are people that I love, which has nothing to do with passion, romantic or sexual. It's a love that connects with that person's soul. With their heart. I feel deeply connected to people and have loved many from afar, some I've never met. Some people I love because the words they use to express themselves speaks to my spirit, and I know we are the same. We have the same emotions, feelings, sentiments. Along with that is the suffering. We all suffer, we all know this feeling, this vibration. Which is why, in my heart, I believe we can love people without even knowing them, or meeting them, or even connecting with them, because we are already connected. This is my belief, and I carry it deep in my heart. I have always had the ability to feel the vibration a person brings to the table...and it has never led me astray. This is how I connect with people...and I try and connect with everyone. Of course, there are people in to much pain to bear the light I bring and I have to move on, but I try and leave a spark for them in any way I am able. At the same time, they are teaching me, showing me, and opening me up to gratitude, acceptance, understanding, and love. They remind me I can only keep what I give away on this physical plane, and it urges me to give it all away. All of it. For what is the point if I cannot share my heart, self with everyone else?

There are average people, who are like you and me, fighting for our rights. Fighting for our freedom under the tyranny of these damn corporations! Although they barely get any attention in the media, they are recognized in Social Media, specifically, Twitter. Aaron Swartz was one of those people. I have been a long supporter of these brave and courageous people fighting for a freedom some of us don't even realize we are losing. Anyhow, this month my focus is spreading love to those that have been forgotten, shunned, or sentenced to prison for speaking up and protecting our rights.  I would love for you to join me. There is an action going on right now called #OPVALENTINE. It is an awesome mission and I am so behind this.  All that is asked is to send a note, postcard, letter to these forgotten members of society and let them know they are loved and appreciated. I know it would be something I would appreciate, so therefore, I'm jumping on board.  They even give you a link for postcards you can print yourself. I'm just going to the dollar store and buying some pack of note cards.

Here is the link to the addresses and a more thorough explanation of the mission.  I hope you will join me. Open your heart, your mind and send a little greeting letting them know they matter, we have not forgotten. I'm doing it for me, but more importantly, I'm doing it for them because I would want the same. Think of it as your act of kindness for the day, or month.

Namaste, dear ones.

Will you join me?