Allowing of growth and expansion

I'm about 5 months pregnant and I have always been guided to use mantas with my children. Especially while in the womb. This mantra has been with me since my first, but I never documented any of it. Today I was inspired to share it with all my pregnant mommas.
I speak to my children from conception, it's something I feel very comfortable doing, and this is another way to communicate with the baby. 
The flowers represent each Chakra, and I also included the babies Chakras.
I hope to be sharing more of this artwork with you. I often hear resistance to pregnancy, or rather a negative expression of the events that take place within the body (I'm guilty as well), and I believe it's important to say these mantras as a reminder of the miracle that is occurring within our body. We all need encouragement, and so does our body, and our babies.


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