Let's Dance!

Pregnancy is a dance...between mother and child. I feel my child knows exact what he/she needs, I allow the child to lead. To make changes to my body, to crave things, or decline them. To expand my body, my heart, my soul.
My last pregnancy was very difficult, but the labor and delivery was a beautiful dance. I swayed with the contractions, and moved my hips as my intuition guided. I spoke to my child and told her I was ready, I was dancing, and she was leading. I Todd her I trusted her, I had faith in her, and I knew she would tell me what to do. It was very magical, miraculous.
I encourage you to dance, as if no one is watching, and allow your baby to lead.

Meditation: Close your eyes, visualize bright, white light. Send this light to your womb. Visualize your child in the womb. Visualize you womb showered in white light, inside and out. Inside the light enveloping your child with loving arms. Say to your child, you are loved, you are wanted. Then visualize the light enveloping you, hiding you, protecting you. Open your eyes when you're ready.



  1. ♥ that visualization! Wish I had known to do that when I was pregnant w/my trio. Gracias for the ♥ I felt just remembering my wonderful children & the pregnancies. BB2U

    1. Thank you!! It made me happy that your good memories were remembered. xoxo. Thank you BB!!


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