Open arms

It's important to communicate to your child that they are wanted and loved while in the womb. So often we dwell in the physical and think we must wait until the baby is physically here, but this is not so. We can talk to our children and offer our love from the moment of conception. I communicate to my child that I'm waiting with open arms and open heart. That he/she is coming into a world full of love, in my arms and heart. That I am eagerly awaiting their physical arrival when they are ready, and grateful they have chosen my physical body as their vehicle into this plain.

Meditation: Close you eyes.  Visualize yourself holding your baby. Touch your belly as you do this. Imagine you holding your baby in your arms, snuggling close. Connect to your baby's heart with yours. Tell the baby they are loved and wanted, and you are eagerly awaiting their arrival.
Open your eyes when ready.

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