Supported by Life

Ever notice how things always line up for you while pregnant. Even through the challenging times, there was a reason. Life is always supporting you, and even more so when we are with child. Our children are born with everything they need, and life fully understands and supports us. While many may view a "lack" of something, it's usually because our vibration is not in line and therefore not in our thoughts. If we do the work, we can achieve a moment of right time,  right place.
There are a lot of factors that aid in our growth, and one is definitely understanding that life supports our growth. While pregnant, this intuitive sense is so strong, especially in the middle of chaos.  I may not understand what is happening, but I know it's for my benefit, and the understanding will come after the experience. I find solace in that fact alone, if nothing else.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Place your hands on your belly and repeat: life supports me, life supports my child. Imagine white light surrounding you and your womb. Open your eyes when ready.

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