While this is my body, I recognize that I am sharing it, gratefully, with my baby. We are partners, working together for both of our benefit. We are a team, working for a greater cause. Teamwork is prevalent in my thoughts because I truly believe children come through me, not for me.
Upon entering this plain we continue to work together to coexist. I recognize my children as people...little people. Fully in their own soul and entity. Children come into this plain with their own personality, characteristics, and are not merely babies, or children. They are smart, intuitive, and filled with love. We have been taught to teach them, show them, but in reality, it is us who are learning. Learning what we have long forgotten. We get so caught up in trying to meet societal needs we forget to empower and encourage our children to expand into their own being. Their own path. We have an idea of how we want our children to be, and we mold them in this manner.
But if we begin to see our children as a partner in this thing called life, our perspective changes. We realize we must work together, and allow our children to expand into and on their own. Osho says our only goal as parents is to remove all dangers. I tend to agree with this because that allows for so much expansion, without limitations.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Visualize your child standing next to you. See your child as your equal, you are a team, living life together. Imagine the expansion and growth of your heart and your childs heart. Think of traits that encourage and empower you, and harness them in your heart, to share with your child. Plant these seeds (words) of empowerment in your heart and childs heart. Have an open mind and heart to allow the team to be its best. Visualize bright light in your womb, expanding out towards you, surrounding you. Then send it back to your womb.  Open your eyes when ready.

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