Thank You!

I am thankful, grateful that the baby has chosen my body as it's vehicle of entry into this world. Out of all the billions of people, this child chose me, and I chose this baby. I'm in awe, and want nothing more than for my child to experience pure bliss while in my womb. I choose to stay positive, in the light, in the love. I choose to surround myself with supportive people who will allow me and baby to flourish as nature intends.
This is why I trust the dance, my body, and my child. My DNA holds countless memories of birthing, even though this is my third child, my body knows what to do. It recognizes this child and knows the dance.
I am thankful my baby choose my body as its vehicle. I trust my baby, and follow the baby's lead.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Imagine your baby in your womb. Baby is happy, warm, content. Imagine your favorite flower, and offer it to your baby. Place three flower at the feet of the baby and let baby know you are thankful for him/her. Tell baby it is loved, and wanted. Open your eyes when ready.

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