Trust your body

My body was made to birth this baby. This baby was made for my body. Together we harmonize and expand. This journey is based on teamwork and trust. Trust in my body, and trust in my baby. This teamwork doesn't end when baby is born, but rather expands.
My body can birth this baby, it was made for this. My DNA has years of birthing experience within it. My soul has birthed babies, and projects, among other things. In today's world it gets very hard to trust our body. We are constantly being told to rely on things outside of ourselves. In reality, we know what we need and how, but we must trust.
So today, I trust that my body was made for this baby. And this baby was made for my body.

Meditation : Place both hands on your belly. Tell your baby you trust him/her and your body. You trust your body to do what baby needs, and you trust baby enough you will listen. Visualize bright emerald green light surrounding your womb and baby. This is love, the light of love. Then visualize the light changing to white. Allow the light to engulf you as well. Take a deep breath, and open your eyes when you are ready.


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