Loving Embrace

It's important for my baby to know I am waiting for her/him with open arms, heart, and soul. I do so with love, unconditionally. This will also help me in the delivery room. I have an open and accepting attitude which will follow me into the dance of delivering this baby. Having an open and accepting attitude about birth will allow my body to do what is needed for the best delivery possible, in which both baby and I will have the sweetest experience for the highest good of all. 
Attitude is a choice, and I have chosen one of expansion, love, and acceptance.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Visualize yourself holding your baby close to your heart. Visualize yourself cradling your baby in your arms, feeling the warmth in your heart. Breath in that baby smell, and offer a thank you to your baby and let baby know you are waiting for him/her. Open your eyes when ready.

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