Supported by Life

Ever notice how things always line up for you while pregnant. Even through the challenging times, there was a reason. Life is always supporting you, and even more so when we are with child. Our children are born with everything they need, and life fully understands and supports us. While many may view a "lack" of something, it's usually because our vibration is not in line and therefore not in our thoughts. If we do the work, we can achieve a moment of right time,  right place.
There are a lot of factors that aid in our growth, and one is definitely understanding that life supports our growth. While pregnant, this intuitive sense is so strong, especially in the middle of chaos.  I may not understand what is happening, but I know it's for my benefit, and the understanding will come after the experience. I find solace in that fact alone, if nothing else.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Place your hands on your belly and repeat: life supports me, life supports my child. Imagine white light surrounding you and your womb. Open your eyes when ready.

Expand Body, Expand!

Pregnancy and expansion go hand in hand. Sometimes, we are resistant to the expansion of our body, and even instructed to watch our weight while pregnant. While I understand the concern, I believe we should embrace our expansion. I believe we should encourage the expansion, to support the child's need for expansion. I believe our body is built to expand and accommodate

Meditation: Close your eyes. Place your hands on your belly. Visualize your child in your womb and say, I am allowing of all expansion necessary for our growth. I embrace it and open my heart to it. Open your eyes when ready.

Thank You!

I am thankful, grateful that the baby has chosen my body as it's vehicle of entry into this world. Out of all the billions of people, this child chose me, and I chose this baby. I'm in awe, and want nothing more than for my child to experience pure bliss while in my womb. I choose to stay positive, in the light, in the love. I choose to surround myself with supportive people who will allow me and baby to flourish as nature intends.
This is why I trust the dance, my body, and my child. My DNA holds countless memories of birthing, even though this is my third child, my body knows what to do. It recognizes this child and knows the dance.
I am thankful my baby choose my body as its vehicle. I trust my baby, and follow the baby's lead.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Imagine your baby in your womb. Baby is happy, warm, content. Imagine your favorite flower, and offer it to your baby. Place three flower at the feet of the baby and let baby know you are thankful for him/her. Tell baby it is loved, and wanted. Open your eyes when ready.


Just trust.

I fully trust that my body knows exactly what to do. I'm still breastfeeding my now one year old, and I trust that my body is providing what my children need both inside and outside of my body.
I trust that my body is capable of instinctually knowing what to do, how to do, and when to do. I mean, I've never questioned how my bladder knows how to filter my urine, or how my heart knows how to pump a certain amount of blood, so why would I start now?
Trust your body, listen to your body, give it what it needs and it will do what must be done for your child.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and say, I trust my body. I listen to my body. I respect my body. I trust my child. I trust my body to expand and allow my child to grow in a safe manner which he/she needs.  Open your eyes.



While this is my body, I recognize that I am sharing it, gratefully, with my baby. We are partners, working together for both of our benefit. We are a team, working for a greater cause. Teamwork is prevalent in my thoughts because I truly believe children come through me, not for me.
Upon entering this plain we continue to work together to coexist. I recognize my children as people...little people. Fully in their own soul and entity. Children come into this plain with their own personality, characteristics, and are not merely babies, or children. They are smart, intuitive, and filled with love. We have been taught to teach them, show them, but in reality, it is us who are learning. Learning what we have long forgotten. We get so caught up in trying to meet societal needs we forget to empower and encourage our children to expand into their own being. Their own path. We have an idea of how we want our children to be, and we mold them in this manner.
But if we begin to see our children as a partner in this thing called life, our perspective changes. We realize we must work together, and allow our children to expand into and on their own. Osho says our only goal as parents is to remove all dangers. I tend to agree with this because that allows for so much expansion, without limitations.

Meditation: Close your eyes. Visualize your child standing next to you. See your child as your equal, you are a team, living life together. Imagine the expansion and growth of your heart and your childs heart. Think of traits that encourage and empower you, and harness them in your heart, to share with your child. Plant these seeds (words) of empowerment in your heart and childs heart. Have an open mind and heart to allow the team to be its best. Visualize bright light in your womb, expanding out towards you, surrounding you. Then send it back to your womb.  Open your eyes when ready.


Open arms

It's important to communicate to your child that they are wanted and loved while in the womb. So often we dwell in the physical and think we must wait until the baby is physically here, but this is not so. We can talk to our children and offer our love from the moment of conception. I communicate to my child that I'm waiting with open arms and open heart. That he/she is coming into a world full of love, in my arms and heart. That I am eagerly awaiting their physical arrival when they are ready, and grateful they have chosen my physical body as their vehicle into this plain.

Meditation: Close you eyes.  Visualize yourself holding your baby. Touch your belly as you do this. Imagine you holding your baby in your arms, snuggling close. Connect to your baby's heart with yours. Tell the baby they are loved and wanted, and you are eagerly awaiting their arrival.
Open your eyes when ready.


Trust your body

My body was made to birth this baby. This baby was made for my body. Together we harmonize and expand. This journey is based on teamwork and trust. Trust in my body, and trust in my baby. This teamwork doesn't end when baby is born, but rather expands.
My body can birth this baby, it was made for this. My DNA has years of birthing experience within it. My soul has birthed babies, and projects, among other things. In today's world it gets very hard to trust our body. We are constantly being told to rely on things outside of ourselves. In reality, we know what we need and how, but we must trust.
So today, I trust that my body was made for this baby. And this baby was made for my body.

Meditation : Place both hands on your belly. Tell your baby you trust him/her and your body. You trust your body to do what baby needs, and you trust baby enough you will listen. Visualize bright emerald green light surrounding your womb and baby. This is love, the light of love. Then visualize the light changing to white. Allow the light to engulf you as well. Take a deep breath, and open your eyes when you are ready.



Let's Dance!

Pregnancy is a dance...between mother and child. I feel my child knows exact what he/she needs, I allow the child to lead. To make changes to my body, to crave things, or decline them. To expand my body, my heart, my soul.
My last pregnancy was very difficult, but the labor and delivery was a beautiful dance. I swayed with the contractions, and moved my hips as my intuition guided. I spoke to my child and told her I was ready, I was dancing, and she was leading. I Todd her I trusted her, I had faith in her, and I knew she would tell me what to do. It was very magical, miraculous.
I encourage you to dance, as if no one is watching, and allow your baby to lead.

Meditation: Close your eyes, visualize bright, white light. Send this light to your womb. Visualize your child in the womb. Visualize you womb showered in white light, inside and out. Inside the light enveloping your child with loving arms. Say to your child, you are loved, you are wanted. Then visualize the light enveloping you, hiding you, protecting you. Open your eyes when you're ready.



It really is a miracle!

My cousin is a nurse. She once told me conceiving with no birth control resulted in pregnancy 20% of the time.  Twenty.  That blew my mind. Such a low number. Yet, there are people who don't even agree that conceiving, carrying to term, and delivering a live baby is a miracle.
I whole heartedly believe it is a miracle. If you don't believe it is, go look up miscarriage rates. I know most every woman I know has experienced this. At least once.
Even carrying your baby to full term (40 months) is a miracle in todays society.
Know that you are miraculous, there is a miracle in your womb, and don't underestimate the divine within you.


Allowing of growth and expansion

I'm about 5 months pregnant and I have always been guided to use mantas with my children. Especially while in the womb. This mantra has been with me since my first, but I never documented any of it. Today I was inspired to share it with all my pregnant mommas.
I speak to my children from conception, it's something I feel very comfortable doing, and this is another way to communicate with the baby. 
The flowers represent each Chakra, and I also included the babies Chakras.
I hope to be sharing more of this artwork with you. I often hear resistance to pregnancy, or rather a negative expression of the events that take place within the body (I'm guilty as well), and I believe it's important to say these mantras as a reminder of the miracle that is occurring within our body. We all need encouragement, and so does our body, and our babies.



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